AFC South

Go For Two: Week 7 Games To Watch

What a week 6! Cowboys beat the Seahawks? God, now the Cowboys will never stop being the game of the week, or the game picked to be shown on regular television when the Niners or Raiders aren't on. Blech.

Some things we learned, Patriots were counted out too early. Joe Flacco had a huge week. The Falcons are on a downward slide, and the Browns are a legit, winning football team? Well, let's not get a head of ourselves, but they are 3-2 and are at .600.

Who's the best in the NFC East? Well, the Eagles made fast work of the Giants, so they aren't going to be too keen on all the gory going to the Cowboys.

Thank you Joe, thank you.

The week had some very, very thrilling games. Green Bay Packers versus the Miami Dolphins goes without saying. It came down to the last 3 minutes and Green Bay needed a lot of heroics to win that game. A Rodgers fumble actually almost ended the game with only 1:37 remaining, but a head's up play by Lang occurred when he quickly fell on the ball. In all actuality, it really came down to the last six seconds. The play before went to a rookie, Adams, on a fake snap and the last play to a backup now starter (?) tight end in Quarless.

The Bengals and the Panthers went into overtime but came out of the whole football battle STILL tied. San Diego and Oakland was a close game, but I didn't see it, as I don't give two craps about either of those teams.

This all begs the question, what surprises will come during week 7?

Week 7 games:

Bengals (3-1-1) at Colts (4-2): This should be a good game. The leads in the AFC North and AFC South will battle it out. It was a big disappointment when Cincinnati did not get a win against the Panthers. They had every opportunity. The kicker missed the big one, and that was that. The Bengals and the Colts have good offenses, but where this battle will be fought is on the Bengals defense, which is ranked 28th overall. Andrew Luck and company have the potential to put up big numbers and this Bengals defense is going to have it's hands full. It could be a shootout, but if the Bengals defense doesn't step it up, the Colts might do a repeat of the Jaguars, or the Titans, and the game will be a blowout.

Panthers (3-1-1) at Packers (4-2): This is a tough game. Even our Eligible Receiver writers can't decide to get on, or off, the Panthers bandwagon. One week they look great, the next week, not so much. What will they bring against the Packers?

The Packers are obviously coming off a huge high from their last drive-for-a-win against the Miami Dolphins. The thing is, on paper, the GBP look like crap. 26th overall offense, 19th on overall defense. I get the offense because Eddie Lacy keeps shitting eggs every week, save for that one game against the vikings, but really? Does that even count? I know this not only because the GBP are my favorite team, but I have him on my fantasy team and his ass is getting benched. If he improves later in the year, I'll give him the start, but right now, come on dude -- get it together.

A little more surprising is that the GBP are 20th in passing. Can it be true that the great Aaron Rodgers isn't high in the stats? That's concerning. We've been missing this season a great third receiver option. Perhaps after last week in Miami, Davante Adams, the rookie who had the head's up play of the game by catching Rodgers faked spike, will now fulfill that role left vacant by James Jones from last year, and two years ago from Greg Jennings. (FYI, I always get a little happy when receivers leave a team for more money and then they wind-up on shitty-shitty teams. You're welcome to the money Raiders James Jones and Minnesota Vikings Greg Jennings.)

49ers (4-2) at Broncos (4-1): These two teams are pretty evenly matched, save for the Broncos poor showing at the run. It will be interesting to see how the Niners do against the Broncos. Niners have won against two good teams, Dallas and Eagles, but were a little too close for comfort against the Rams who had to get their quarterback off the street and was actually released from the team at one point. One of their two losses was to Chicago, which is still trying to determine it's identity. The Cardinals are also a mixed bag, as they are a good team with a lot of injuries. The Broncos will prove to be their hardest challenge yet.

As for the Broncos, they have handily beat all the teams they won against. Their only loss was to Seattle, in Seattle. I feel as if, much like the GBP Achilles heel is the Niners, the Achilles heel for the Broncos is Seattle.

Therefore, the Niners will be a great challenge for Denver.

I look forward to this game. I do believe it is the game of the week.

Side notes:

Are you thinking I left out the Saints at the Lions. No, no I did not.

Also, as is the tradition this year, yet another horrible Monday night game. Honestly? Who picks these? Yes, Monday's game between the Rams and the Niners ended up being better than we thought, but still, come on. That wound-up being a good turn-of-luck. This week, ughh. Steelers at home against the Texans. Why? Seriously, why?

Side, side notes:

Get better Sam Shields and Tramon Williams, we need our starting cornerbacks healthy and ready to go!

NFL Preview: AFC South

afc southWhy is this the last of the Eligible Receiver NFL previews? It's the AFC South. If that isn't explanation enough, all will become clear as you read. In short, finding good things to say about the teams in this division which do not play home games in Indiana is like trying to find a silver lining after a bad first date. "Well, she said she liked the movie." "She said she'll be busy for the next month, but I think she definitely wants to go out after that." Do we know this from personal experience? Let's just move on, in order of our projected finish, shall we?



Why They'll Win: They have Andrew Luck. The other starting quarterbacks in this division are Jake Locker (until he gets hurt), Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Chad Henne (until Blake Bortles takes the helm of the sinking Jacksonville ship). Good grief.

The Colts have outscored their opponents by just 25 points in the last two years, but won 22 games in those two regular seasons. Is Luck that good in close games? Maybe. Is that number affected by the incompetence of their division opponents? Yes. A thousand Matt Schaub pick sixes yes.The Colts are not a great team. Their best receiver started his career catching passes from Johnny Unitas in Baltimore, is now 118 years old, and is coming off a torn ACL (Note: only one of those things is confirmed). Their best running back is Trent Richardson. Again, their best running back is Trent Richardson. However, they have Luck, Pagano mania, a good tight end with a great name in Coby Fleener, and the advantage of two games each against the other teams in this awful division.

Why They'll Lose: If Luck gets hurt, say good night. That's not out of the real of possibility since Houston has J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. If they turn Luck into a wishbone, it's all over for Indy. Quick, who's the colts' backup quarterback? Yeah, we had to Google it too.

HOUSTON TEXANS (2-14 in 2013)

Why They'll Win: Jadeveon Clowney is legitimately terrifying. No, he doesn't go hard on every play. Breaking news: most players don't. What Clowney can do is occupy two blockers at all times, and on occasion show off athletic ability shared by few. He can change a game in one play. Oh, and they also have J.J. Watt. Andre Johnson can still play. Arian Foster, when helathy, can still play. Fitzpatrick is an Ivy Leaguer. Brains have to count for something, right? If he can manage games and the defense can bend, mutilate, and fold people, Houston could be a 9-7 team in this division.

Why They'll Lose: They were awful last year because their quarterbacks were horrific. Ryan Fitzpatrick to the rescue? No. Andre Johnson has done everything short of hijack a plane to get out of town. Arian Foster has as much chance of staying healthy as the guys who kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter in Taken. Clowney could start losing motivation and start hitting buffets hard if the season goes off the track.

TENNESSEE TITANS (7-9 in 2013)

Why They'll Win: They unloaded the dead weight of Chris Johnson, who ran the past two years as if carrying the dead weight of all the fantasy owners whose dreams he trampled into the turf. They brought in Ken Whisenhunt to replace Mike Munchak as coach. Whisenhunt won a Super Bowl as the Steeler's OC, took the CARDINALS (you're damn right we're yelling) to a Super Bowl as head coach, then took the Chargers offense from 31st in the league to 5th as an OC. Munchak's resume consists largely of being a good lineman as a player and an organization guy as a coach. Moving from Munchak to Whisenhunt is like swapping an upper deck seat for a sideline pass. If Whisenhunt can show Jake Locker how to a) stay upright and b) make the football go to his intended target, they'll induct him into the Grand Ole Opry. Bishop Sankey can play, and also has one of the best names in the league.

Why They'll Lose: If (when) Locker gets hurt, they get to choose between Charlie Whitehurst, Zach Mettenberger, and coaxing Dan Pastorini or

The Titans' future starting QB?

The Titans' future starting QB?

Ken Stabler out of retirement (note to fans under 30: the Titans used to be the Houston Oilers). Suffice it to say these are not ideal options. Lots of experts are excited about Sankey, but the Titans have Shonn Greene ahead of him on the depth chart, so how good could he be? Quick, name a guy on the Titans' defense. If you succeeded, chances are you either live in Nashville or in the center of a very lonely existence. The Steel Curtain they are not.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12 in 2013)

Why They'll Win: A selective outbreak of ebola in the locker rooms of everyone on their schedule could give them a decent shot at going 8-8.

Why They'll Lose: Ah, Jaguars. How do ye suck? Let me count the ways. First, they're pretty openly tanking this year NBA-style. If you purposely play Chad Henne over the guy you drafted third overall, there's a problem. The draft pick in question, Blake Bortles, screams "guy who looks good on paper and in drills but can't play football." At no point in his college career did he do anything mind-blowing. Poor Maurice Jones-Drew was so traumatized by his years in Jacksonville that he voluntarily went to the Oakland Raiders. Rest in peace if you can, MJD. GM David Caldwell seems to have a plan, which is a huge improvement for this team, but the plan does not include winning this year.