Brett Keisel

Behind the Scenes of Eligible Receiver: Episode 1


As grown adults we have tons of very important email conversations at Eligible Receiver. We are constantly discussing social media outreach, the oxford comma, and other adult topics. Oh wait, that is not right at all. We debate things like the definition of burly, Colin Kaepernick's thigh musculature, and who has better hair Clay or Troy. Here is an example of a thought provoking conversation we had yesterday.




An Ode to Movember

I might need this on a Fathead. On my wall. Immediately.

Tomorrow begins December, which means that two very bad and horrible things are about to happen:

  1. Anthony Romo is going home for the holidays and Tony Romo will begin his usual December slump.
  2. My Cowboys buddy is leaving to vacation in the Middle East for a few months. Convenient that he'll be fleeing as Romo gets bad, isn't it?

Both of these things will make me a very sad LSum in the next few weeks, so I figure I'd get some Movember magic in, so we can all look back and smile as our playoff hopes are dashed. And thus, I present.... THE TOP NFL STACHES & BEARDS