College Football

Party Like You Won --- Georgia Florida 2014


As many of you know, I went to my first Georgia Florida game this past weekend. Yes, I was sober enough to realize that Georgia was getting destroyed by a terrible football team. Hell, we made Will Muschamp's offense look like Hershel Walker AND Barry Sanders were in the backfield. Despite the football, I had an incredible time with Georgia and Florida fans alike. Let's do this photo journal style while I show you around my weekend in Jax:

October 31, 2014 --- 9:00am --- Headed to Jax. About to get rid of the puppy monster. Decked out in Red and Black. Ready for the showdown.



October 31, 2014 --- 12:40 pm --- Arrived in Jax to a spectacularly beautiful, slightly chilly day. Just in case you wanted to know what Jacksonville looked like. You probably did not, but here it is anyway.


October 31, 2014 --- 4:30 pm --- The Athens crew that was meeting us arrived. We headed to the landing to see what was happening. The calm before the storm.




November 01, 2014 --- 1:30 pm --- Let's skip ahead to game day. --- Aside: No one needs to see me eat at Burrito Gallery twice, which is a thing that I did on Friday. Shout out to them, if you are ever in Jax it is must eat food. --- Tailgating was everywhere. Walking along to the game there was so much excitement. Thanks to my boy Justin, we ended up at the official Coors Light tailgate that had a rooftop patio on a RV. It was a solid spot to sip before the game. Shout out to my Tampa boys, Justin, Mike, and Kevin, for showing me how to do this right! We can get along even this weekend.




November 01, 2014 --- 3:15 pm --- So this picture does not do these screens justice. I spent an extended period of time in awe of them.  Seriously, these are way too amazing for a shitty football team like the Jaguars. Also, there are two of them. Don't worry I was too obsessed with the screens to only have one picture of them.



November 01, 2014 --- 3:17 pm --- Obligatory UGA picture!



November 01, 2014 --- 3:30 pm --- Kickoff. Still so hopeful.




November 01, 2014 --- 3:45 pm --- The other screen! There were TWO!



November 01, 2014 --- 5:15 pm --- Sad face. Cold! Yes, I am complaining about the weather. Serious winds, ya'll.



November 01, 2014 --- End of game --- More shots of the screens. I told you I was obsessed.


November 01, 2014 --- After the game --- The sun sets on Jax.




November 01, 2014 --- After the game ---  Florida fans passing out early. 20141101_223622


November 01, 2014 --- The beginning of the end (Notice that time stamps will cease to exist.)



November 01, 2014 --- A stack of Dawg fans.



November 01, 2014 --- @ Dos Gatos the best bar in Jacksonville. Special shout out to Mary for taking care of us Friday and Saturday! If you are ever in this town. Go to this bar! It will not disappoint.




November 02, 2014 --- Shutting down the bar. Things got weird. Party like you won! Special shout out to Dos Gatos for giving us an extra hour to party due to the time change. We will be back!









College Football Week 9: Two Mississippi, One Mississippi...

Ah, Mississippi. It was a good run for you.You discovered that America is still totally cool with the racism inherent in virtually everything associated with your school, and the fact that your state is the olemilk.0closest thing the U.S. has to a third world country. You were able to forget that your state has no pro sports and really no good reason for anyone to visit. Then it all came crashing down because of a dumbass decision at the end of Saturday's game. I don't blame this southern belle for her reaction in the least.


College Football's Storybook Season -- Told by Disney gifs

sleeping beauty gif

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of blogging the past two weeks. This fall I have been coaching high school volleyball, which has been enjoyable and completely consuming. Last week I had some version of the plague. The season is over and the plague has passed so here we go!

College football season is half over and so far it has been a storybook season. Lots of upsets. Lots of surprises. Lots of underdogs on top. Lots of things to hate. Lots of things to love. All combinging to create a storybook season.


College Football Week 7 Recap: Countdown to Mississapocalypse

They call it the Egg Bowl, or alternately the Battle for the Golden Egg. They've been playing it since 1901. Since 1927, the winner has been awarded the Golden Egg Trophy. Also since 1901, no one

Forget  the old national title trophy. This is what's important right now.

Forget the old national title trophy. This is what's important right now.

outside Mississippi has given a damn. Are we really headed for the Ole Miss/Mississippi State game being the biggest college football game of the year? And isn't that listed in the Book of Revelation as a certain sign that the end of the world is upon us? The answers are "maybe" and "absolutely."


Week 6 College Football Preview

Even though we are a few weeks from the first official CFP poll, this week’s slate of games appear to have the largest playoff impacts and implications. Currently, there are 17 undefeated teams left. The match-ups this week feature 11 of those 17 and at least three games between ranked squads.


Big shout out to the entire state of Mississippi who is in the spotlight this week. ESPN’s College Gameday will make its first ever stop at the University of Mississippi in Oxford this weekend for the Alabama game. Now, we just need to get Mississippi State on the show to complete our SEC montage.

Without further ado, here are your games to watch:


In Honor of the THS Class of 2004: College Football Superlatives


This past weekend was my ten year high school reunion. My fellow classmates and I had an incredible time and are already looking forward to 2024. So this post is in honor and inspired by the Tavares High School Class of 2004. Go Dawgs! (I was always meant to be a Georgia fan.)

The reunion began with the Homecoming football game, which was won 27-20! It was great to remember all of the good times in that stadium. Saturday night while we were getting our party on, the organizers handed out 10 Year Later Superlatives that inspired this post. Here are superlatives for the first half of the college football season.


Week 5 Heisman Watch and College Football Preview

Unfortunately, my mom had surgery this week and I was unable to get a Heisman Watch to you. Don’t worry, she is doing well. It’s just been a long week. So, in lieu of writing two posts, your week 5 Heisman watch and previews have been rolled all into one.

Cooler weather is here and with that we leave behind the month of September. It’s the time of year where we see who really has what it takes to win the Heisman this year. So far, we have seen some outstanding matchups (and a little remodeling). This week, though, there are only a handful of matchups worth watching and most of them feature players our Heisman watch. So here they are:

Nope, still no Winston here but consider watching NC State take on FSU Saturday at 3:30pm ET. Both teams are 4-0 and FSU barely escaped Clemson last week.


Week 4 College Football Preview

WOW! I can’t believe we are already into week 4! Thus far we have seen mostly fru-fru non-conference games but that all changes this week. We finally get down to the meat and potatoes of college football.

Compared to last week’s snoozefest, this week is sure to excite starting tonight. There are 57 games being played this weekend 12 of which are conference games including three in the SEC, and two in both the ACC and PAC-12. Six of these games feature a Top 25 team and are on our must watch list. Here is your weekend preview:


Heisman Watch Week 2


Welcome to the second edition of Eligible Receiver’s Heisman watch.  In case you missed our Preseason Watch  it was pretty spot on.  I, for one, am not ashamed to toot my own horn and taunt others. So here it goes:

I called it. I was right. Nanner nanner boo boo! :P If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times “why don’t people listen to me?”….Maybe because I say things like nanner nanner boo boo but that’s beside the point.

Jumping right into our watch list which hasn’t changed significantly in the last two weeks. Four players standout more than others. Marcus Mariota, Todd Gurley, Everett Golson, and Kenny Hill top this week’s Heisman watch and here’s why:

Yes, Winston is still not on my list.


Sideline Picks: College Week 2

14 USC @ 13 Stanford

Pick Sideline Commentary
This is a sweep. I always love a good Stanford team and their coaching will get them through this 'tough' USC game.
Because my best friend is moving to Palo Alto & because I'm STILL mad at USC.
Because smart kids don't pretend to save drowning kids.
Stanford for two reasons: 1. Brains over beauty, all day. 2. Although Lane Kiffin is no longer their coach, I still can't get over his big mouth and I kinda resent them for keeping his career alive.

7 Michigan St. @ 3 Oregon

Pick Sideline Commentary
This is a super crazy game. I cannot wait to watch it. Do I have to choose? This may be Oregon's September, but Michigan St will own January.
Honestly, I like both of these teams and I might request to put this game on at the baby shower I'm attending this weekend. Ultimately Ducks win though and here's my train of thought for that one: my friend's fiance calls my best friend and I the smash sisters because we're so accident prone. Smash sisters---- Bash Brothers---- Mighty Ducks---- Oregon wins. Foolproof logic.
Because I never, never believe in Oregon against a competent defense.
Oregon for the W because Marcus Mariota is my Heisman hopeful. Oh yeah, they are also sporing a new uni.

Michigan @ 16 Notre Dame

Pick Sideline Commentary
This is the opposite as the previous game. Do I really have to pick one? I hate both teams. Notre Damn squeezes out a W in a close one.
Disclaimer for all the new readers: I love President Bartlet and will never root against him (unless Texas or Maryland is playing). Notre Dame wins.
Because President Bartlett will make me sing the Notre Dame fight song in the press cabin if I go the other way.
ND, I mean I AM Irish after all!

Upset Special

Pick Sideline Commentary
Virginia Tech over Ohio State because I have to have something to go for this weekend since Georgia isn't playing. (17 points)
Virginia Tech over Ohio State. (17 points)
East Carolina over South Carolina. ECU has NFL talent at QB and WR, and USC has a defense that made Kenny Hill look like Peyton Manning. (4 points)
For the record, I also pick VT over Ohio State but since everyone else gets out of bed before noon and beat me to the punch. I will go with Iowa State over K State in the Big 12 opener on Saturday. (5 points)