Dez Bryant

Eligible Receiver Midseason Awards


It’s time for the 1st Annual Eligible Receiver Midseason Awards in which we use our excellent football intelligence and logical deduction skills to confer completely made up awards to NFL players. Also, lots of pictures. Enjoy!


Fantasy Scoreboard: Week 8


Things that made me happy about this week: Megatron, Megatron, Megatron. Things that didn't make me happy: Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys. I did manage to beat one of our top players in my fun league this week, even after starting Michael '-0.7' Vick at QB, so that's pretty alright. Studs, duds, surprises and a really long rant about Dez Bryant below.


Fantasy Scoreboard: Week 12

Hello, beautiful.

Two (somewhat delusional) truths and a lie. Can you spot the lie?

1. Tony Romo threw for 441 yards and had MORE touchdowns (3) than interceptions (2).

2. My fantasy team is going to the playoffs!

3. The Cowboys are going to win the NFC East this year.


Dez Bryant (WR, Cowboys)

The King of the Dropped Pass

Oh Dez, you pesky little criminal, you. Allegedly he had 2 TDs and 145 yards on Thanksgiving. You know what I see what I check his stats? A fumble. And you know what I saw every time I came inside from dinner and checked the score of the game? Butterfingers dropping passes. Happy Thanksgiving, you scoundrel.


Fantasy Scoreboard: Week 6

The name of business really cracks me up for some reasons

At what point do I stop investing time in fantasy football? Is it when I have the same record as the Cleveland Browns? Or the Kansas City CHEFS? Clearly not, because that's where my team is now and yet I'm still writing this post like I think I'm a person worthy of listening to. You should probably all stop reading now and never ever take my advice....