Party Like You Won --- Georgia Florida 2014


As many of you know, I went to my first Georgia Florida game this past weekend. Yes, I was sober enough to realize that Georgia was getting destroyed by a terrible football team. Hell, we made Will Muschamp's offense look like Hershel Walker AND Barry Sanders were in the backfield. Despite the football, I had an incredible time with Georgia and Florida fans alike. Let's do this photo journal style while I show you around my weekend in Jax:

October 31, 2014 --- 9:00am --- Headed to Jax. About to get rid of the puppy monster. Decked out in Red and Black. Ready for the showdown.



October 31, 2014 --- 12:40 pm --- Arrived in Jax to a spectacularly beautiful, slightly chilly day. Just in case you wanted to know what Jacksonville looked like. You probably did not, but here it is anyway.


October 31, 2014 --- 4:30 pm --- The Athens crew that was meeting us arrived. We headed to the landing to see what was happening. The calm before the storm.




November 01, 2014 --- 1:30 pm --- Let's skip ahead to game day. --- Aside: No one needs to see me eat at Burrito Gallery twice, which is a thing that I did on Friday. Shout out to them, if you are ever in Jax it is must eat food. --- Tailgating was everywhere. Walking along to the game there was so much excitement. Thanks to my boy Justin, we ended up at the official Coors Light tailgate that had a rooftop patio on a RV. It was a solid spot to sip before the game. Shout out to my Tampa boys, Justin, Mike, and Kevin, for showing me how to do this right! We can get along even this weekend.




November 01, 2014 --- 3:15 pm --- So this picture does not do these screens justice. I spent an extended period of time in awe of them.  Seriously, these are way too amazing for a shitty football team like the Jaguars. Also, there are two of them. Don't worry I was too obsessed with the screens to only have one picture of them.



November 01, 2014 --- 3:17 pm --- Obligatory UGA picture!



November 01, 2014 --- 3:30 pm --- Kickoff. Still so hopeful.




November 01, 2014 --- 3:45 pm --- The other screen! There were TWO!



November 01, 2014 --- 5:15 pm --- Sad face. Cold! Yes, I am complaining about the weather. Serious winds, ya'll.



November 01, 2014 --- End of game --- More shots of the screens. I told you I was obsessed.


November 01, 2014 --- After the game --- The sun sets on Jax.




November 01, 2014 --- After the game ---  Florida fans passing out early. 20141101_223622


November 01, 2014 --- The beginning of the end (Notice that time stamps will cease to exist.)



November 01, 2014 --- A stack of Dawg fans.



November 01, 2014 --- @ Dos Gatos the best bar in Jacksonville. Special shout out to Mary for taking care of us Friday and Saturday! If you are ever in this town. Go to this bar! It will not disappoint.




November 02, 2014 --- Shutting down the bar. Things got weird. Party like you won! Special shout out to Dos Gatos for giving us an extra hour to party due to the time change. We will be back!