Party Like You Won --- Georgia Florida 2014


As many of you know, I went to my first Georgia Florida game this past weekend. Yes, I was sober enough to realize that Georgia was getting destroyed by a terrible football team. Hell, we made Will Muschamp's offense look like Hershel Walker AND Barry Sanders were in the backfield. Despite the football, I had an incredible time with Georgia and Florida fans alike. Let's do this photo journal style while I show you around my weekend in Jax:

October 31, 2014 --- 9:00am --- Headed to Jax. About to get rid of the puppy monster. Decked out in Red and Black. Ready for the showdown.



October 31, 2014 --- 12:40 pm --- Arrived in Jax to a spectacularly beautiful, slightly chilly day. Just in case you wanted to know what Jacksonville looked like. You probably did not, but here it is anyway.


October 31, 2014 --- 4:30 pm --- The Athens crew that was meeting us arrived. We headed to the landing to see what was happening. The calm before the storm.




November 01, 2014 --- 1:30 pm --- Let's skip ahead to game day. --- Aside: No one needs to see me eat at Burrito Gallery twice, which is a thing that I did on Friday. Shout out to them, if you are ever in Jax it is must eat food. --- Tailgating was everywhere. Walking along to the game there was so much excitement. Thanks to my boy Justin, we ended up at the official Coors Light tailgate that had a rooftop patio on a RV. It was a solid spot to sip before the game. Shout out to my Tampa boys, Justin, Mike, and Kevin, for showing me how to do this right! We can get along even this weekend.




November 01, 2014 --- 3:15 pm --- So this picture does not do these screens justice. I spent an extended period of time in awe of them.  Seriously, these are way too amazing for a shitty football team like the Jaguars. Also, there are two of them. Don't worry I was too obsessed with the screens to only have one picture of them.



November 01, 2014 --- 3:17 pm --- Obligatory UGA picture!



November 01, 2014 --- 3:30 pm --- Kickoff. Still so hopeful.




November 01, 2014 --- 3:45 pm --- The other screen! There were TWO!



November 01, 2014 --- 5:15 pm --- Sad face. Cold! Yes, I am complaining about the weather. Serious winds, ya'll.



November 01, 2014 --- End of game --- More shots of the screens. I told you I was obsessed.


November 01, 2014 --- After the game --- The sun sets on Jax.




November 01, 2014 --- After the game ---  Florida fans passing out early. 20141101_223622


November 01, 2014 --- The beginning of the end (Notice that time stamps will cease to exist.)



November 01, 2014 --- A stack of Dawg fans.



November 01, 2014 --- @ Dos Gatos the best bar in Jacksonville. Special shout out to Mary for taking care of us Friday and Saturday! If you are ever in this town. Go to this bar! It will not disappoint.




November 02, 2014 --- Shutting down the bar. Things got weird. Party like you won! Special shout out to Dos Gatos for giving us an extra hour to party due to the time change. We will be back!









College Football Week 9: Two Mississippi, One Mississippi...

Ah, Mississippi. It was a good run for you.You discovered that America is still totally cool with the racism inherent in virtually everything associated with your school, and the fact that your state is the olemilk.0closest thing the U.S. has to a third world country. You were able to forget that your state has no pro sports and really no good reason for anyone to visit. Then it all came crashing down because of a dumbass decision at the end of Saturday's game. I don't blame this southern belle for her reaction in the least.


College Football: The Dirty Dozen v. 2014

1. FSU
Defending national champs are the only ACC team making an appearance in the top 12 on the preseason AP poll. Let’s just remember preseason rankings are pretty darn pointless because personnel changes so much; however, let’s note that FSU atop the heap is a fair ranking.

Couldn't resist myself.

We all know Freshman Phenom Jameis Winston has a love for seafood, but will he have love for crushing college opponents again? I suspect his head will be on the field, but he needs to find a new number one target after the loss of Calvin Benjamin. He will. Offense will not be the shortcoming of the Noles this season, that will fall on the other side of the. Not only did FSU lose their stud defensive coordinator to Georgia, they lost a ton of talent to the NFL. They open against Oklahoma St. this weekend, which is a game to keep your eye on. Also, they play a tough Clemson team in September. We will have an idea about repeat early, but nothing is finalized until the Florida Gators try to play spoiler the final week of the season in Doak.


Ranking the 2013-2014 Bowl Season --- 35 to 1

I am counting down the games from the least watchable to the most. Let's be honest though, it is the last bit of college football until September *** weeps uncontrollably***  so I will probably watch as many as possible. What ones are you looking forward to? Did I get it wrong?

35. Heart of Dallas Bowl --- North Texas vs. UNLV --- Dallas, TX Wed., Jan. 1 / 12 p.m. ESPNU: This New Years Day game is not worth watching versus the plethora of competition.

34. Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl --- East Carolina vs. Ohio --- St. Petersburg, FL Mon., Dec. 23 / 2 p.m. ESPN: I feel sorry for these teams for having to play football in the Trop.

33. Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl --- Middle Tennessee vs. Navy --- Fort Worth, TX Mon., Dec. 30 / 11:45 a.m. ESPN

32. Little Caesars Pizza Bowl --- Bowling Green vs. Pittsburgh --- Detroit, MI Thu., Dec. 26 / 6 p.m. ESPN

31. Sheraton Hawaii Bowl --- Boise State vs. Oregon State --- Honolulu, HI Tue., Dec. 24 / 8 p.m. ESPN

30. New Era Pinstripe Bowl --- Notre Dame vs. Rutgers --- Bronx, NY Sat., Dec. 28 / 12 p.m. ESPN

29. Texas Bowl --- Minnesota vs. Syracuse --- Houston, TX Fri., Dec. 27 / 6 p.m. ESPN: These fan bases are traveling to Texas for this game?


The Stadium Experience: College vs NFL


The 2013 has been riddled with disappointment for me. The Dolphins had a promising start at 3-0 before they were enveloped in scandal. The Georgia Bulldogs had a dynamic September before injuries forced them to play their practice squad in SEC games. The Miami Hurricanes were ranked in the top 10 before a season-ending injury to Duke Johnson resulting in their demise. Despite all of that, I have had the opportunity to attend an epic college football game and Monday Night Football. Both experiences were great, but what was better?

So this may not be a fair discussion. I attended a SEC college football game, which is one of the best college football experiences you can have. Whereas my NFL experience was at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game. I realize this entire article could be different if I attended a Green Bay game vs a University of South Florida game, but I am going to write what I know.

The Games: 

University of Georgia Bulldogs (3-1) vs. University of Tennessee Volunteers (3-2)

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Start time: 3:30pm

Where: Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee

Final Score: Georgia 34 - Tennessee 31, Overtime

Miami Dolphins (4-4) vs. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (0-8)

Date: Monday, November 11, 2013

Start time: 8:40

Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, Florida

Final Score: Miami 19 - Tampa Bay 22


College Recap Week 9: Cocks, Chokes, and Katherine Webb

Writer's note: she can wear jorts if she wants to.

"I ran out & screamed so I wldn't wake my kids, came in & realized I scared em half to death, rocked em 2 sleep again singin."

"I went to the fridge and took a long draw off the "Pepto-bismooth" bottle!"

Those words are from Victoria Boyce and Kimberly Tuten, Gamecock fans, on Twitter, describing her reaction to South Carolina's win over Missouri Saturday. Why do we love college football? Because kids who are not getting paid beg for a chance to play in pain because they want it that much. Because an entire season can come down to a missed 24-yard field goal by a sophomore kicker in Week 9.

In a related note, why do we hate college football? Because an entire season can come down to a missed 24-yard field goal by a sophomore kicker in Week 9. "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."


Behind Enemy Lines: Georgia @ Tennessee


Last week I mentioned that our annual away game tradition happening. After two glorious days catching up with all things Athens, including great friends, delicious food, and the tasty local liquids, it was time to head to Knoxville on Friday.

After a scenic mountain drive, we arrived with quite an appetite. Evidently living off road trip food such as Flaming Hot Cheetos and Sour Patch Kids couldn't sustain me for a day. Upon a recommendation from a local friend, Nixon's Deli was our lunch destination. My Jewishness allows me to assume that I know all things holy when it comes to delis and sandwiches. Nixon's did not disappoint. I ordered my traditional sandwich benchmark, an Italian. Their famous steamed sandwiches were absolutely delicious. Worth the stop if you are ever in town.

This lined my stomach for our evening trip to 'The Strip' for an evening full of debauchery. Fortunately among our group of Georgia fans, we had a UT alum as our local Knoxville expert. She valiantly led us to Cool Beans off of Cumberland Ave. to drink with the natives. By that I mean, UT students on a gameday weekend. Friday night exhibited a mild temperament between the fan bases. Considerably more chill than our previous year in Columbia when the game was a top five match-up. In fact, the atmosphere was allied as the Braves (the South's favorite baseball team) beat the Dodgers in a close play off game. Unite today, fight tomorrow!