College Recap Week 9: Cocks, Chokes, and Katherine Webb

Writer's note: she can wear jorts if she wants to.

"I ran out & screamed so I wldn't wake my kids, came in & realized I scared em half to death, rocked em 2 sleep again singin."

"I went to the fridge and took a long draw off the "Pepto-bismooth" bottle!"

Those words are from Victoria Boyce and Kimberly Tuten, Gamecock fans, on Twitter, describing her reaction to South Carolina's win over Missouri Saturday. Why do we love college football? Because kids who are not getting paid beg for a chance to play in pain because they want it that much. Because an entire season can come down to a missed 24-yard field goal by a sophomore kicker in Week 9.

In a related note, why do we hate college football? Because an entire season can come down to a missed 24-yard field goal by a sophomore kicker in Week 9. "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."


College Recap Week 6: Bad Picks, Bad Clowney, and Rejection

UGA gets Missouri next week. We haven't forgotten.
Actually, ignore this. Go ahead and panic and ignore the turtle.

Actually, ignore this. Go ahead and panic and ignore the turtle.

I must begin this week with a confession: my name is Allen, and I picked Maryland to beat Florida State. I was swayed by the feminine wiles of a fellow writer. This is what happens when you're a token male. In my defense, I'm still 19-7 overall in college picks this season, so if you're gambling based on my suggestions (and I know you are), your thumbs are most likely unbroken as of now.

Moving on, then, from a Terrapin team that didn't show up to a Gamecock who showed up but refused to play.


Get back ON the field: Anticipations for the 2013 season


There are exactly three days until the start of college football and my favorite time of the year!  Since I am new to the blog, you may not know that I don’t watch or follow NFL and your argument of “pre-season” is void. There are few things in my life that rival the start of football. Here are a few things I am most excited for this season...
1. ESPN College Game Day-- from 10-noon every Saturday I will be firmly planted in the permanent indent on my sofa. Saturday just wouldn’t be the same without their taunting back and forth and prediction segment. This season’s premier will open the college football season in Death Valley on Aug. 31st during the Clemson –Georgia game. Interesting note: the Gators have had the most appearances on the show, winning 19 out of 29 appearances.


The Heisman Today and Winners of Yore


Another football weekend has come to a close. It is finally the point in the season when you start to know the who's who and the what's what. No more blind predictions. There is sparkle. There are duds. Overachievers. Underachievers.

Someone finally seems to want the Heisman on a good enough team. The trophy isn't awarded to someone on a team where he is the star and his cohorts are schmucks in a conference without BCS flair. WVU seems to fit the bill. It only took five weeks for someone to make a real play for it. Geno Smith's coming out party was officially on Saturday versus RGIII's former team, Baylor. He had more TD passes than incompletions. 656 passing yards. The game combined for 133 points. Insane. He is leading the Bowl Subdivision in nearly every passing statistic.