Meet Lauren!


Lauren currently resides in Washington, D.C. and has the privilege of being heckled every time she steps out of her apartment in her Dallas Cowboys jersey. She grew up partially in Austin, TX and learned quickly about the importance of football and bleeding burnt orange. As a result of going to the University of Maryland and witnessing the joke that is Terps football, her allegiance to Texas football stood tall. After cheering on the legend that is Vince Young and crying at Colt McCoy’s injured shoulder in the 2010 Championship Game, Lauren shifted her main attention to the Cowboys. In addition to working full-time and being a part-time Master’s student, Lauren finds time to yell at her beloved Boys each Sunday as well as meticulously change her fantasy line-up each week. If she knew how to work Twitter, you could find her there.

Eligible Receiver: Football by Women for Men and Women


Eligible Receiver is a group of women that deeply treasure autumn and winter weekends who are now spreading their college and NFL football gospel.

Usually we are yelling obscenities at offensive coordinators (or our televisions), celebrating TDs in the stadium, or debating any Big 10 fan within earshot. Now we are sharing our opinions, arguments, and thoughts with you. It is time the football realm had a blog written by women for men and women.

Expect our writing to differ from other women run blogs because our content isn’t about shopping for mascot earrings or staring at Tim Tebow running in the rain. We only drool over rain drenched Tebow when he throws a pick six in the red zone. Our readers should expect an entertaining, unique, snarky perspective on our favorite game.

Let’s introduce you to the current and lonely writing staff. New talent acquisitions will be announced. We are presently looking for free agents that fit with the vibe of Eligible Receiver, so feel free to send us a writing sample and a brief background including your football interests and favorite teams.

Jacqueline presently resides in Tampa, FL. Her football obsession began while playing University of Miami themed Monopoly with her grandfather at a young age. Many have tried, but still no one has taken away her love of ‘THE U’. Despite faking it for a while, her affinity for the Georgia Bulldogs grew leaps and bounds while attending graduate school at the University of Georgia. The SEC/ACC dichotomy is the only reason we allow her to represent both. Her NFL love is the Miami Dolphins, despite the gradual collapse of the franchise since Dan Marino’s retirement she remains a true fan. Find her on Twitter @jhargis9.

Madeline resides in San Francisco, CA and is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. She has been an obsessive 'Pack fan since the 1997 Super Bowl, when a boyfriend tried to get her into the sport by watching Brett Favre because "he throws the ball a lot and that's easy to understand." In 2008, she cried when her beloved Favre announced his retirement from Green Bay, only to be disgusted by his utter lack of integrity. While some women were choosing between "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob," Madeline picked "Team Rodgers" and has been thrilled by her decision ever since. You can find Madeline at, on iTunes, and on Twitter @madelinefresco.

Jeanne resides in Athens, GA, and it's fair to say her obsession with the Tennessee Volunteers does not make her a favorite of her friends during the fall months. Before moving to Athens for law school, Jeanne attended UT in Knoxville. In addition to earning an undergrad degree and an MBA from there, she tutored student-athletes in varied fields of study. She assures us that teaching football players math is indeed as difficult as one would assume. During that time, Jeanne's love and appreciation for the sport hit its peak. After coming to Athens (or, "seeing the light" as many of her Bulldog friends like to call it), she has learned to split her fandom - albeit unevenly in favor of the Vols - with the Georgia Bulldogs. The most anticipated part about football in 2012 for Jeanne is now that the University of Missouri has joined, all three universities she's attended are now in the SEC East. You can find Jeanne on Twitter @jherzog.