Jameis Winston

Famous (for being a moron) Jameis does more moronic things; FSU gently places hand on his wrist

Dear readers, allow me if you will to abandon the editorial "we" and step into the first person for a paragraph or so. I've been a sports fan since I was old enough to understand the term, and an occasionally productive member of society and the workforce for more than two decades now (Yes, I'm the token old man as well as the token male here at Eligible Receiver. Get off my damn lawn.). In that time, I've come to believe strongly that the key to long-term success in hiring and recruiting in any sport or business is this: intelligence is more important than talent. Jameis Winston, Heisman winner, national champion, and crab leg lover, has plenty of the latter, but the former is clearly lacking.

"Dear God, please help... nahhh, my bad, I'm good."

"Dear God, please help... nahhh, my bad, I'm good."

Exhibit A: In case you haven't heard, Jameis made the conscious decision, while apparently sober, to stand on a table in the middle of the Florida State University campus and shout "Fuck her right in the p--!" Many witnesses were present, and their Tweets are the only good thing about this incident.