Julio Jones

Fantasy Scoreboard 2014: Week 3

Saturday night I went to a wedding at the Baltimore Aquarium. Things quickly progressed and with the help of a lot of whiskey, a few shots, and a stolen bottle of champagne that I charmed a cater waiter into giving me so I could sit in front of the shark tank and guzzle straight from the bottle, I turned from a demur and elegantly dressed lady to a wild woman that somehow lost her shoes on the streets of Baltimore.

Fish heads to block the innocent because--- aquarium.

Fish heads to block the innocent because--- aquarium.

Obviously, I spent Sunday on Makeda’s couch like this:


 Not surprisingly,I missed most of the games but managed to stay half awake for the Broncos/Seahawks boredom parade. Here are the studs and duds from this week, as I’ve mostly gathered from what other people have told me.


Go For Two: Playoffs! NFC Championship Game.

San Francisco at Atlanta Sunday 3:00PM ET

image courtesy of hinterlandgazette.comColin Kaepernick. Matt Ryan. Michael Crabtree. Julio Jones. Frank Gore. Michael Turner.

If you're not already excited about this game, there is no hope for you. Everyone wrote-off Atlanta, even this gal. But, some how, some way -- they got it done. Yet, that statement will be the focus of many questions going into this game for Atlanta. Why can't Atlanta get it done sooner in a game? Why is it always down to the wire? Why do the Falcons let teams creep back in?

Atlanta better have an answer to those questions this week. San Francisco was on fire during the entire regular season, but now? They are going nuclear. I know it first hand, I'm a Green Bay fan. Colin Kaepernick was clearly the right direction to go in for San Francisco. No hindsight needed. Green Bay could've beat Alex Smith. But Colin? Clearly not. Green Bay couldn't keep their heads on straight against Frank Gore, a hot passing game, plus Colin Kaepernick running all over us. The biggest insult? Oh, just a 56 yard run by Kaepernick for a TD.

Image courtesy of deadspin.comThis is what the Falcons get to look forward to. I only hope that Atlanta learned from our mistakes. We were actually doing pretty well until a muffed punt and Rodgers throwing an interception. Atlanta needs to keep the turnovers at zero. They need to keep Colin Kaepernick in the pocket and make him throw instead of run. The Falcons need to play an entire game, and not take a nap during the third quarter.

Good luck Atlanta. I hope you win.


Fantasy Scoreboard: Week 12

Hello, beautiful.

Two (somewhat delusional) truths and a lie. Can you spot the lie?

1. Tony Romo threw for 441 yards and had MORE touchdowns (3) than interceptions (2).

2. My fantasy team is going to the playoffs!

3. The Cowboys are going to win the NFC East this year.


Dez Bryant (WR, Cowboys)

The King of the Dropped Pass

Oh Dez, you pesky little criminal, you. Allegedly he had 2 TDs and 145 yards on Thanksgiving. You know what I see what I check his stats? A fumble. And you know what I saw every time I came inside from dinner and checked the score of the game? Butterfingers dropping passes. Happy Thanksgiving, you scoundrel.