Reggie Bush

Fantasy Scoreboard: 2013 Week One

Football season is back. And with it, hearts full of optimism. Thousands upon thousands of fans full of the beautiful possibility of a winning season. The glimmer of the playoffs seems obtainable and a winning season is without a doubt going to happen. I think we all sat down Thursday night to watch the game full of the hope of 5 months of hard-fought battles and well-earned victories. It's like sitting in the East Dillon locker room letting Coach Taylor fill you with inspiration and the knowledge that the game is bigger than yourself.

"A few of you have been here. A few of you have not. One thing we all have to do tonight, we've got to focus. The game plan, the fundamentals, gentlemen, moving the sticks what we're going to be doing out there. And listen, fellas, there's a joy to this game, is there not? There's a passion, there's a reason why we're all out here. Other than the fact the pride that it gives us and the respect that it demands we love to play the game so let's go out there and have fun tonight. Do you understand? Because tomorrow, if you give 100% of yourself tonight people are going to look at you differently. People are going to think of you differently. And I promise you you're going look and think differently about yourself. Clear eyes, full hearts. Can't lose."

Oh Coach Taylor, how I wish you were a real person.

Oh Coach Taylor, how I wish you were a real person.