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NFL Preview: NFC South


Does anyone else feel like football season snuck up on them? Last time I checked, it was the draft, and now the regular season is starting in seven hours. Somewhere in the hot, humid haze that was August in DC, I volunteered to do the NFC South preview, even though I haven’t paid attention to this division since the Saints crushed my playoff dreams in the Wild Card round. Let's see what I can come up with.


The Stadium Experience: College vs NFL


The 2013 has been riddled with disappointment for me. The Dolphins had a promising start at 3-0 before they were enveloped in scandal. The Georgia Bulldogs had a dynamic September before injuries forced them to play their practice squad in SEC games. The Miami Hurricanes were ranked in the top 10 before a season-ending injury to Duke Johnson resulting in their demise. Despite all of that, I have had the opportunity to attend an epic college football game and Monday Night Football. Both experiences were great, but what was better?

So this may not be a fair discussion. I attended a SEC college football game, which is one of the best college football experiences you can have. Whereas my NFL experience was at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game. I realize this entire article could be different if I attended a Green Bay game vs a University of South Florida game, but I am going to write what I know.

The Games: 

University of Georgia Bulldogs (3-1) vs. University of Tennessee Volunteers (3-2)

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Start time: 3:30pm

Where: Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee

Final Score: Georgia 34 - Tennessee 31, Overtime

Miami Dolphins (4-4) vs. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (0-8)

Date: Monday, November 11, 2013

Start time: 8:40

Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, Florida

Final Score: Miami 19 - Tampa Bay 22


Eligible Receiver Midseason Awards


It’s time for the 1st Annual Eligible Receiver Midseason Awards in which we use our excellent football intelligence and logical deduction skills to confer completely made up awards to NFL players. Also, lots of pictures. Enjoy!