Behind Enemy Lines: Georgia @ Tennessee


Last week I mentioned that our annual away game tradition happening. After two glorious days catching up with all things Athens, including great friends, delicious food, and the tasty local liquids, it was time to head to Knoxville on Friday.

After a scenic mountain drive, we arrived with quite an appetite. Evidently living off road trip food such as Flaming Hot Cheetos and Sour Patch Kids couldn't sustain me for a day. Upon a recommendation from a local friend, Nixon's Deli was our lunch destination. My Jewishness allows me to assume that I know all things holy when it comes to delis and sandwiches. Nixon's did not disappoint. I ordered my traditional sandwich benchmark, an Italian. Their famous steamed sandwiches were absolutely delicious. Worth the stop if you are ever in town.

This lined my stomach for our evening trip to 'The Strip' for an evening full of debauchery. Fortunately among our group of Georgia fans, we had a UT alum as our local Knoxville expert. She valiantly led us to Cool Beans off of Cumberland Ave. to drink with the natives. By that I mean, UT students on a gameday weekend. Friday night exhibited a mild temperament between the fan bases. Considerably more chill than our previous year in Columbia when the game was a top five match-up. In fact, the atmosphere was allied as the Braves (the South's favorite baseball team) beat the Dodgers in a close play off game. Unite today, fight tomorrow!