Titus Young

Fantasy Scoreboard: Week 8

Cool dance, asshole.

To all my adoring fans (i.e. Rachel & Makeda), I apologize this is a few days late. Hurricane Sandy cancelled my flight back to DC on Monday and I stayed in Dallas for a few extra days to bask in the victory of my Boys' defeat of the Giants.

Oh, you're right. What ACTUALLY happened was that Dez didn't catch that ball and I was left stranded refugee-style in a hotel chock full of mullet-headed Giants fans with NO LIDS FOR MY STARBUCKS. It's hard to find someone to blame for natural disasters so Jerry Jones, I'm going to go ahead and make you the scapegoat for this one. I'm sure that river you diverted to build Cowboys Stadium probably affected global warming and thus caused a hurricane in late October anyway.

ANYWAY, moving on to the fantasy wrap-up/insane mumblings of someone that lost by half a point this week.