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Walk-on Wednesday: Preseason Polls Don't Mean Sh*t


Preseason polls don't mean shit. College football has shocking results most weekends and this was no exception. It is one of the reasons I am a fan.  I created an infographic to map the preseason poll to this week's poll. It doesn't show the whole season's story of college football thus far. For example, Clemson has dropped from 8->9, but it doesn't include their time in the top five. However, this infographic depicts the inaccuracy of the preseason poll. Follow below to figure what I learned this season. What are your conclusions?


Walk-on Wednesday: The top 5 college football failures (elite programs) and solutions

chick fil a

It is well known in these parts that I am a huge college football fan. It is so bad I don't schedule anything on a lovely fall Saturday without consulting a schedule first. Georgia played North Texas at 12:21 this weekend, so like any good fan I managed to start on Irish coffees at 10:30 just after my boyfriend brought me home our traditional gameday breakfast, a Chik-fil-a chicken biscuit. Despite my love and obsession with the sport, there are some problems. It is time for me to detail them for you here...

5. The Academic Farce

Failure: Have you ever been watching a game and they showed the team's academic all-stars of the game?

Name: Bobby Y. Jones

Position: Offensive tackle

GPA: 2.74

Major: General Studies

Excuse me? Did I forget how to read? A 2.74 GPA in general studies is one of the team's top academic performers?! :::blank stare::: That is a less than stellar GPA in an imaginary major, but yep that is the best they could do. It really makes you wonder who are the non-academic all-stars. Some of players are there to get an education, but at elite programs. It is NFL or bust for many players.

Solution: For football players that don't want to take advantage of their free education, make a football player major. Teach them accounting, broadcasting, journalism, and business. More importantly, ensure that these players know how to read and do simple math. That is not even a joke. If you are a spectacular athletic talent, you will get pushed through school whether or not you have a third grade reading level in 12th grade.


Walk-on Ummm... Thursday: Eligible Receiver Elections

You're welcome, Makeda.

So I might have missed posting yesterday do to lack of sleep on election night and waiting for my state's results. Yeah, let's go with that excuse.

Good thing I finally fell asleep because we are still waiting on the results down here. My, my Florida, you never cease to amaze me with your election incompetence.

I want to know who you are voting for this season. It is a write in ballot give me what you got. Put your answer in the comments.

NFL Coach of the Year

College Coach of the Year

Heisman Trophy Winner

College Defensive Player of the Year

NFL Offensive Player of the Year

NFL Defensive Player of the Year

Biggest Dud

Best football commercial

Favorite moment

Favorite TD dance

Biggest Surprise

Biggest Upset

Who are you voting for? Fill in all or some. I want to hear who you are voting for.

Walk-on Wednesday is when we hand the ball off to the reader to ask your opinion. Every week a question is proposed. We invite you to answer and discuss. Bantering, dialogue, and trash talk Roger Goodell would find fine-worthy is strongly encouraged.

Walk-on Wednesdays: STEROIDS


Today's Walk-on Wednesday won't be a purely football related topic. However, with the resignation of Lance Armstrong from his own foundation and Nike yanking his endorsement deals, steroids is a relevant topic yet again. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I haven't written on this topic. So here we go.

Cycling, track, and baseball have taken the majority of the heat in the steroid debacle. I don't know if the NFL is better at covering it up OR the players have trainers that are better at circumventing drug tests OR if they all petrified of the Goodell hammer, but football has avoided most of the lime light on this topic.


Walk-on Wednesday: Bye Week Blues... or not?


It is the middle of the season and that means bye time in the NFL and college. Four NFL teams have a bye this weekend (Carolina, Chicago, Jacksonville, New Orleans) and so do my Georgia Bulldogs.

I am relieved not have to live through the ups and downs of another Georgia game this week. Or if it resembles last week-- downs on downs on downs. Did I hear another South Carolina first down? My post on my Columbia experience and the UGA/USC game will be up later this week.

Can you hear that? That is the wimpering of ill prepared Drew Brees fantasy owners. Are you a good fantasy owner that planned for your bye week? Are you eating the loss?

I will spend the Dolphins Week 7 pouring over Redzone to keep an eye on all the games. Pretty similar to what I do most weeks. That being said it will be a dull Redzone day because five other teams are on a bye. Boo.

I still have my Canes to watch this Saturday, but after their beat down by Notre Dame even that is slightly less appealing. Maybe this bye weekend time will be spent at the beach or doing some much needed work. My work ethic starves a bit in the fall (wait, are you reading this boss?)

Lauren said she loves Dallas' bye week. Not sure if you caught that.

What are you doing for your team's bye week? Love it? Hate it? Is your fantasy team prepared for this stretch? Going to the beach? Another game? Sigh of relief? Boredom? Working? 


Walk-on Wednesday is when we hand the ball off to the reader to ask your opinion. Every week a question is proposed. We invite you to answer and discuss. Bantering, dialogue, and trash talk Roger Goodell would find fine-worthy is strongly encouraged.




Walk-on Wednesday: Who has the best football culture?


First of all Happy Birthday to 2/3 of the Eligible Receiver staff -- Madeline & Lauren!

OK, down to business. I don't have tons of time today because I am preparing for my trip to Columbia. Did I mention there is a top ten matchup versus my Georgia Bulldogs and that other team-- the South Carolina Gamecocks!?

Real quick let me give you my thoughts on the game. It is a night game at home for USC. Naturally, that gives them an edge. The coaching certainly gives USC an edge. The Ol' Ball Coach always makes Mark Richt look derpy. Richt gets outcoached constantly even when his team is better. This is the scary part.

I do think Georgia is a better football team. They have the best offense in the SEC and before last week vs Tennessee I would have said the second best defense behind Alabama. It is going to be a close one. College Gameday will be there. Oh and let's not forget about Marcus Lattimore and his beast tendencies. This game will most likely decide the winner of the SEC East. The implications are huge. It is going to make for a raucous time.

So where is the best football culture? Is it Green Bay fans in Lambeau? Is it in the SEC? Are the best games in the Big House? Do you like the rough attitude of Oakland fans? What about Disney World-esque football in Dallas? What about sweet tea, hogs, and southern hospitality at Ole Miss?

Walk-on Wednesday is when we hand the ball off to the reader to ask your opinion. Every week a question is proposed. We invite you to answer and discuss. Bantering, dialogue, and trash talk Roger Goodell would find fine-worthy is strongly encouraged.

Walk-on Wednesday: The Replacement Refs


Up to this point, I have avoided talking about the replacement officials. Frankly, I was exhausted by the endless bitching. But with the "TD" of the season on Monday night concluding the Green Bay - Seattle game it is finally time to discuss.

Let's face it you could blame this shit storm that is this NFL season on about anyone you want. Roger Goodell? The replacement refs? The real refs? The owners? The players? The coaches?


Walk-on Wednesday: Successful Failures


The beginning of the football season is a parade of teams that are a bit rough. While I am more inclined to hold out before crowning successes, it is easy to discuss blatant, shocking failure.

No- it is not make or break for all teams in week one or two, but overwhelmingly horrible is a lot more difficult to overlook than 'they'll be back week.' No Green Bay fan, come off the ledge. I am not talking to you. Losing to an insanely intense San Francisco team is not what I am talking about. It isn't even the Saints losing to the historically disappointing Redskins.

A successful failure is something that you can't recover from. Something you thought that you would never see. A successful failure is something that ruins you, your confidence, your fans, and your team.


Walk-on Wednesday -- Eligible Receiver's NFL Preview: Playoff Picks & Superbowl Predictions


The FINAL EPISODE of our NFL Preview is a group effort. All the gals are going to pick their division winners, wild card teams, AFC Champion, NFC Champion, and the champion of Super Bowl XLVII.

In addition to our opinions, this begins our regular feature of Walk-on Wednesday where we hand the ball off to the reader to ask your opinion. Every week a question will be proposed to you. We invite you to answer the question along with bantering, dialogue, and trash talk Roger Goodell would find fine-worthy. Enjoy!