Here's the third part of Eligible Receiver’s NFL Preview. On deck today is the NFC West & AFC West.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers

2011 Results: 13-3, 1st place in NFC West, went to playoffs

2012 Predictions: 11-5, 1st place in NFC West, will go to playoffs

In November of last year, a friend told me the 49ers were 9-1 and I legitimately did not believe her until she showed me the standings online. Alex Smith led this team to a quiet but well-deserved spot in the playoffs last year and I think this year he'll do it again. The 49ers have a tough schedule and a long road to the playoffs, but I think we'll see them succeed.

How I remembered the 49ers used to be good.

Arizona Cardinals

2011 Results: 8-8, did not go to playoffs

2012 Predictions: 4-12, will not go to playoffs

On a good day, Kevin Kolb is a decent QB. On a bad day, he's sub par. With some tough opponents in the NFC North this season and a severely injured offensive line, almost every Sunday could be a bad day for Mr. Kolb this year. Better luck in 2013.

Seattle Seahawks

2011 Results: 7-9, did not go to playoffs

2012 Predictions:8-8, will not go to playoffs

Rookie quarterbacks always leave plenty of room for surprise when the NFL season starts. Will he struggle under the pressure or shine in the spotlight? I think Wilson has the ability to quietly impress some people this year, even as the shortest starting QB in the NFL. After a few seasons under Pete Carroll, Wilson could be groomed to lead this time to the postseason but for the time being I predict another quietly respectable season.

This is when I decided to momentarily lose all credibility as a female sports blogger.

St. Louis Rams

2011 Results: 2-14, did not go to playoffs

2012 Predictions: 2-14, will not go to playoffs

As a Longhorns fan, I cannot cheer for Sam Bradford under any circumstance. Luckily, the Rams are so bad I don't see any situation in the foreseeable future in which this will be an issue. Bradford will led the Rams straight into the ground again this year. I couldn't be happier.

Sorry I'm not sorry

AFC West

Denver Broncos

2011 Results: TEBOOOOW (also known as 8-8, went to playoffs)

2012 Predictions: 8-8, will not go to playoffs

I can't root against that 'stache. I just can't.

I think the Broncos will finish with the same record for two reasons:

1. I think Peyton Manning still has some juice left in his arm and while there's not enough catching talent to propel them much higher than that, he can still manage to win a few games at least.

2. Someone has to convince the world that the only reason the Broncos went 8-8 last year isn't by the grace of God.

San Diego Chargers

2011 Results: 8-8, did not go to playoffs

2012 Predictions: 11-5, 1st play in AFC West, will go to playoffs

It's easy to forget about the Chargers with all the hoopla in the division that was Timmy Tebow, but I don't think the Chargers should be overlooked this year. Assuming Philip Rivers can get back to his 2008, 2009, and 2010 stats there's no reason that this team can't make it to the playoffs. Ryan Mathews' injury doesn't need to hurt the Chargers in the beginning of the season if Rivers can stay strong.

Oakland Raiders

2011 Results: 8-8, did not go to playoffs

2012 Predictions: 8-8, will not go to the playoffs

I'm too scared of all Raiders fans to wish them any ill-will. That's all I have to say.

Like I was saying...

Kansas City Chiefs

2011 Results: 7-9, did not go to playoffs

2012 Predictions: 10-6, will not go to playoffs

I like the Chefs (typo intended). If Peyton Hillis can perform as well as he was before last season's injury and Jamaal Charles can get and stay healthy, this team could end up pretty ok. Their success is almost entirely dependent on their running game though so without these two guys, things could get pretty dismal in Kansas City.



5 comments on “Eligible Receiver’s NFL Preview Part 3: NFC & AFC West

  1. Jacqueline

    No way Oakland goes 8-8, but your logic is reasonable.

    The kids and half naked Pete Carroll are so adorable.

    1. Madeline

      I think, being from the Bay Area, I can not stress enough how wise it is not to piss off Raider Nation.


      I adore all Peyton commercials.


      I will give props to Raider fans. They stand by their team. 49ers? Annoying. I've lived in SF for 9 years. No one, I mean no one, went to the bars to watch the 49ers. Then all of the sudden, last year, week 8 ... I can't get into the bar. A-nnoy-ing.

    2. Aylino

      Being a JETS fan, My "Tony Romo" is Tom Brady. I cannot stand that guy!I think you caleld my conference Wicked Witch! LOL! Let Brady be the mascot then! :)Can't wait for Sundays to go back to all day!

  2. phishfood

    I'm not sure if I see the chiefs making 10-6 this year. Their defense isn't quite good enough for that many wins and their passing game isn't good enough for them to come from behind. Awesome stuff other than that, I love peyton commercials too!

    p.s. and I'm a guy

    1. LSum Post author

      I think we'll be able to tell pretty early in the season if I was right about the Chiefs or not. If they can manage a few wins over the Saints, Bills, Chargers and Ravens, they might be ok. If their RBs aren't healthy enough to score in those games, it might be another dismal season.

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