Each week, I and the other college football gals (when we get 'em, still lookin') are going to pick 5-10 games that have everyone's interest peaked. Don't worry, the same thing is happening for the NFL and we are already trash talking about who is going to win this season's picks. Keep reading to read about this week's college picks and my thoughts on the USC/Vandy game last night. The return of football had me squeeing.

So the joy of college football hit me last night. Did anyone else enjoy that SEC dazzle between South Carolina and Vanderbilt? Towards the end of the game the commenter said "Marcus Lattimore quietly having a 100+ yard game." What the hell game was he watching? 110 yards with 2 TDs, anything but quiet. I am already shaking in my boots when it is Georgia's turn to head to Columbia in October.

There were several turnovers that I chalk up to great SEC defense. Some of those hits that Vandy were throwing around would have been assessed with NFL fines. These are the things you just don't see as often in other conferences.

Finally, two thoughts on the QBs. If USC keeps running Conner Shaw that way, then he isn't going to make it to the end of September. He went out several times and we got a glimpse of the dismal #2 and #3 options. Also, someone should remind baby brother Rodgers to channel his older bro instead of that dude that runs and tosses the ball off the back leg for Pittsburgh. That style really only works for Big Ben. There were some scary throws last night and some of them even went Vandy's way. Either way both boys had a great game and Spurrier shouldn't start playing the QB carousel yet, at least until Shaw's shoulder gets ripped to shreds.

On to the week 1 picks.

Boise State at Michigan State (Friday): Jacqueline - Michigan State - home game under the lights and no Kellen Moore.

Miami (FL) at Boston College: Jacqueline - Miami

Clemson vs. Auburn: Jacqueline - Auburn

Michigan vs. Alabama (Cowboy's Stadium): Jacqueline - Alabama - definitely the best game of the weekend

San Jose State at Stanford (Friday): Jacqueline - Stanford

What are your picks for the games? Are there any games you are particularly excited about this weekend?


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