I'm pretty sure this is the most obvious thing for me to ever lead a post with, but....



A little something I whipped up that may or may not be hanging on my ceiling now

My friend Anthony threw a PERFECT 2nd half. PERFECT. In the whole game he threw for 303 yards, 3 touchdowns and....wait for it... NO INTERCEPTIONS. He had a career-high passer rating of 150.5 AND broke a Cowboys record for most touchdowns EVER by a quarterback. WHAT A STUD. And in case you're not already in love, a little present for you:

How could that child possibly be so sad?

Happy Christmas from Antonio Ramiro Romo! And now onto other studs & duds....


Bryce Brown (RB, Eagles)

This entry goes out to Makeda, who is (understandably) devastated and frustrated by the state of her Eagles. To try and make her feel a little better, I'll give credit where credit is due. Makeda was smart and picked Brown up off the waivers last week and reaped the benefits of his 28.3 points last night (183 yards & 2 TDs). Despite never wanting to say anything nice about the Eagles ever, I can admit that he's pretty baller.


But homeboy should learn to hold a ball. Sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy, Keda!

Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings)


I could not be happier that I just realized my league is a keeper league and this big guy gets to be part of I'll Miles Your Austin again next year. What a beast.

DeMarco Murray (RB, Cowboys)

WELCOME BACK, DEMARCO. OH MY GOD WELCOME BACK. It's really nice to have a team that can run again because as everyone knows- the more you can run, the less interceptions your Tony throws.

Also, I'd like to point out that DeMarco taught me a really important lesson this week. I have all these lingering feelings of hatred for a lot of players due to their collegiate allegiance (you should hear the anti-Bradford crap that comes out of my mouth during Rams games). Somehow I made it this far without knowing that DeMarco went to Oklahoma. It set my little brain into a tizzy on Sunday night when the Boys announced themselves, but I managed to be the bigger person and get over it. Temporarily, of course, because if DeMarco fumbles or does anything remotely bad in upcoming weeks, I'll be on a full-blown anti-Sonner rampage, I'm sure.


Bears Defense

Something that is only very loosely connected to the topic

What happened this week, guys? It's unclear to me how one of the best defenses in the league managed to score negative points against the STILL NOT A REAL TEAM Seahawks. It certainly shows those owners that counted on this D as one of their top scorers, how the other half lives.


Brady Quinn (QB, Chiefs)

be still my beating heart

Despite my best efforts to hang with the guys and talk football with the best of them, there are still a few girl moments that happen every week. Specifically, when any of the following people are shown on TV: Clay Matthews, Miles Austin, Pete Carroll (shut up, he's a silver fox and you know it), and Brady Quinn. Oh my god, Brady Quinn. Just look at that tousled hair, that smile, that strong chin. I can't. And PS he threw some touchdowns this weekend. Heyyyyyo, Brady.


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