There are a lot of good games this week. It's coming down to the wire. I can't wait for some of these games. This is the time of the year I wish I had 4 televisions so I could watch all the games.


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I'm pumped!

49ers (9-3-1) at Patriots (10-3) 8:20PM ET ** Game of the Week

Again, the Patriots are in the game of the week. Hmm. Interesting. The 49ers are still way up there on the best of the best in the NFC. However, with how they looked twice against the Rams, there is cause for concern. Then there are the Patriots. Man do they look good. They look fired up. They look ready for the playoffs to begin. It will be interesting to see how Brady and the Patriots do against the 49ers defense and vice versa. I'm excited for this game.

Giants (8-5) at Falcons (11-2) 1:00PM ET

The Falcons as of late have lost their shinny luster. Fans and the media are questioning whether or not that 11-2 record is as sturdy as it would seem. On the other hand, the Giants are getting all the praise. It will be interesting to see if the Falcons can beat a good team like the New York Giants.

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Mike McCarthy loves Aaron Rodgers. So do I!

Packers (9-4) at Bears (8-5) 1:00PM ET

You know I'm excited/nervous/fearful of this game. With all the flip-flopping these two teams do for the NFC North division winner, this game has my nerves on end. There are rumors that Jay Cutler may not play as the Bears have been working out different quarterbacks. We already saw earlier this year what the Bears look like without Cutler. The Bears need him to play on Sunday. While the Packers are one game up on the Bears, it would be much nicer to be two games up. I know, I know, simple math, but hey, sometimes the obvious bears repeating.

On a side note, while I hope Cutler doesn't play so that the Packers have a better chance to win, I'm a little worried about Cutler (gasp ... awe). I know, I know. I hate Cutler. But I'm also a nurse. I don't wish harm on anyone. I rather enjoy hating him for his lazy/emo attitude. However, it's a different story when it comes to his health. The guy has taken a serious beating over the years. I don't want to hear later on in life that the guy drools out of the side of his mouth. So Jay Cutler, I hope you take the time to heal and be smart. You need to ensure you have a life after football.

Colts (9-4) at Texans (11-2) 1:00PM ET

Colts have been looking good. The Texans, on the other hand, just got their asses handed to them by the Patriots. This should be an interesting game. However, if I were the Colts, I wouldn't want to be the team that has to face the Texans the week after they got embarrassed on national television.

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I'll come back in to play. Pick me! Pick me!

Broncos (10-3) at Ravens (9-4) 1:00PM ET

This is a conference game worth watching. The Ravens just fired their offensive coordinator. Will that make a difference for the team? The Broncos, on the other hand, have been on a hot streak. It will be fun to see if that streak can continue.




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