Are we good or bad?

Week 2 was very interesting. The Saints are 0-2. Green Bay's defense looked good. Peyton Manning may not be back after all and the 49ers look like the best team in the NFC.

Week 3 is huge. Teams get to show what they are really made of. Take Dallas, for example -- will they prove to be the team from week 1 that got a huge win over the Giants, or are they gonna be the team from week 2 that lost to Seattle?

Here are the games to watch in week 3.


Tampa Bay versus Dallas


Dallas needs to win this game in order to shape their "personality" for the season. Are they winners or are they losers? Is this going to be Tony Romo's year? As for the Buccaneers, they have a new coach in Greg Schiano. Not sure how that will go considering Schiano's cheap call telling his defense to charge across the line of scrimmage when Eli Manning was taking a knee. Perhaps Bucs fans can just hope to not repeat last seasons 10-game losing streak.

Sunday 1:00 PM EST


Eagles versus Cardinals


You are reading this correct. The Arizona Cardinals are 2-0. That's exciting. Kevin Kolb playing against his old team -- exciting. Larry Fitzgerald gets a chance to shine again -- exciting. The NFC West is no longer an embarrassment of a division -- exciting. Then there are the Eagles. The team pulled off two late wins to go to a record of 2-0. That's all I can say about them, because I still have immeasurable hatred of Michael Vick. Yes, he paid his time in jail regarding his dog fighting conviction, but it doesn't mean I, as a fan, ever have to like him.

Sunday 4:05 PM EST


New England versus Baltimore

I'm very excited about this game. Two great teams playing against each other. Tom Brady and the Patriots lost to the Cardinals in week 2. What does this mean for the storied Patriots franchise? We are going to find out. As for the Ravens, they have Flacco, who is one heck of a quarterback and still very much underrated. Ray Rice, need I say more? This is a repeat game from the 2012 AFC Championship game.

Sunday 8:20 PM EST




Week 3 ... let's find out who's a winner and who's a loser. 



3 comments on “Go For Two: Water Cooler Topics For Week 3

  1. Jason

    What about Atlanta (2-0) vs San Diego (2-0). Probably the biggest game of the week. Come on now!

    1. Jacqueline

      Why does anyone outside of So Cal and GA care about this game? So they are both 2-0... it is just 2-0. There needs to be a better story line. When MattyLight or Norv Turner can get playoff wins then let's talk.

  2. madelinefresco Post author

    Every year I'm told I should get fired-up about the Chargers -- cause "this is the year Rivers is gonna deliver."

    I'm not biting. They are 2-0. I'll take a look at the Chargers in week 6 and decide if I'll even put them on my radar.

    But Jason, if you are a fan of San Diego, I say good luck to you! You've had a bad run there the last two years.

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