What are the games to watch in week 5?

Falcons at Redskins 1:00PM EST


The Falcons are 4-0. Matt Ryan has a league-leading 112.1 passer rating. Turner is an explosive running back and lets not forget Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. The Falcons have an exciting offense and that makes for exciting football.

The Redskins are 2-2 coming off of a last minute win against Tampa Bay. They are still trying to decide who they are, but with the ability to come back against Tampa Bay in a last second win, that speaks well for their future.


Image from blackchristiannews.comBroncos at Patriots 4:25PM EST


It feels like a nostalgic game even though it's still the present era. Peyton versus Tom. It just feels right. These two quarterbacks dominated the AFC since 2001. Let's all sit back and just enjoy the show.


Image from bakersfieldnow.com Texans at Jets 8:30PM EST


The Jets. What a circus show. They got schooled last week by the 49ers. Now the Jets have to face the 4-0 Texans? The Tebow chants will start in earnest after this game if the Jets lose. Think of Tebow what you will, but he had a 6-1 record with the Broncos. It very well might be warranted for Tebow to get the starting position from Sanchez.


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