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Image from disignora.comDolphins at Jets 1:00 ET PM


Divisional rivalry. Patriots are doing their quiet but steady winning thing again this year. No reason either the Jets or the Dolphins can't sneak up on the Patriots. Dolphins are 3-3. The Jets are 3-4. The weirdest part? The Dolphins, yes, I said it, the Dolphins are in the divisional hunt. You know what I say ... good for them. I hope they win.


Giants at Cowboys 4:25 ET PM


Giants are 5-2 and Cowboys are 3-3. This is a repeat of the season opener. The Giants look like a different team. Well, so do the Cowboys. I mocked the Giants when they played the 49ers, saying they would get their asses handed to them because at that time, their only wins were against very mediocre teams. Well, they officially put my foot in my mouth for me. I don't know who will win this game. I don't even know if it will be a good game. Maybe the Giants will dominate. Maybe the Cowboys will find their playbook. But, regardless, it's a good divisional game, that despite myself not wanting to, I might find myself clicking this game on my television.


Image from blog.sfgate.com

Remember the good times while they last Alex

49ers at Cardinals Monday 8:30 ET PM


This is the game of the week. A massive divisional game. 49ers are 5-2 and Cardinals are 4-3. Who knew, after all the previous years of mocking what a pathetic division this was, that this would be the most electric division in the NFL (maybe with steep competition from the black and blue division.)

The 49ers have lost some of their mystique. Alex Smith looks more like the old Alex and the rumblings from the fair weather 49er fans have already begun. (Yes, I know this as a fact because I live here.)

You know what I say. Go Cardinals.

Oh, and P.S. Can the Bears and Vikings please lose so my Packers can be tied for the division lead ...


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