Last season was interesting for the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers was hurt in week 9. Oh joy for the Lions and the Bears! Still, no benefit to the Vikings, they are just shit.

The 2013 Lions were 7-5, having just beat the Packers in week 13. Their future looked bright. I mean, seriously. Rodgers is out, and with 4 games left, and one against the Vikings, they had the NFC North in the bag, right?


The Lions lost all four of their last games.

What will 2014 bring?

Let's start with my favorite team.

Green Bay Packers

2013 record 8-7-1.

Well, not so shockingly, injuries are already accumulating for the Packers. We have lost our beloved B.J. Raji, and our backup guard, Lang. With the injury to Brandon Bostick, the Packers tight end position is still an unknown.

The Green Bay Packers, as always, open with an extremely difficult team.

2014: Seattle

2013: San Francisco

2012: San Francsico

2011: New Orleans

Seriously, that's our opening game schedule for the last few years.

Seattle may be the most important game of the season. It sets the tone. Seattle's defense is notorious for being good. Our defense is notorious for being bad. Our defense definitely has something to prove. If we don't prove ourselves, it might be back into the abyss again.

Our offense does too, have something to prove. Our offense had quite the difficult time protecting Aaron Rodgers last year and giving our backup QB's any time to throw. While Peyton Manning's offensive line gave him enough time to drive to downtown Denver, get a sandwich, eat it, drive back, then throw the ball, our offense gave our QB's zilch.

If I said once, I'll say it again, our season depends upon staying healthy and Dom Capers.



Chicago Bears

2013 record 8-8.

Jay Cutler was hurt during part of the season for the Bears. However, their backup quarterback was doing a significantly good job for them. Much better than any of our backups. Week 15 McCown stats were better than Week 16 Cutler stats when Cutler finally returned. Perhaps Cutler and his ditzy wife should stay with doing The League. They were more entertaining to watch on the show then Cutler was on the football field.

Sad goodbyes from 2013 were Devin Hester (man did I hate seeing him on the field), Peppers, and Mr. Fantastic himself, McCown.

Well hello there: Jared Allen (hmmmm), MD Jennings from GB, and .... really, I can't think of anyone else worth even mentioning.

Best thing for the Packers? The big deal sign of Cutler. Not only would I always rather play against Mr. Emo, his big pay day means the Bears can't pay someone else. Ah, it's like being told R.E.M. is getting back together. Happy day! Oh, wait. That might just be me. And, I may have dated myself a little bit.


Detroit Lions

Click here for the 2014 schedule.

Matt Stafford doesn't think he needs a QB guru. What a narcissistic idiot. New coach. Who? Who cares. Wait. I should care. Detroit has the potential to be a very good team, if they stop imploding late in the season. If they stop only deciding to play in the fourth quarter. If they get anyone, I mean ANYONE else to throw to besides the remarkable Calvin Johnson. Man, do I love that guy. He's so good, even as a GB die hard fan, it is impossible not to love that guy. Doesn't boast. Isn't in the news. Just a nice, extremely talented and great guy. Man I wish good things for him, like being traded. To an AFC team so I don't have to worry about him.

Anywho, if this new coach (Jim Caldwell) can pull the team's mentality out of the gutter, work on Stafford's mechanics, and get another receiver to throw to, the NFC North could prove to be extremely competitive.

The Lions did draft first round a tight end, a position that I desperately wanted GB to pick. I was happy with Ha Ha, but, ugh, I don't like to see the competition get a key player that we could have used. I did draft Eric Ebron late in my fantasy draft as a possible sleeper. I had excellent luck with Eddie Lacy last year. FYI, I have nothing to say about the Lions, so instead I will post this picture of Eddie Lacy in this goofy hat. I love him. Such a happy guy. Did you know Mr. Lacy just bought a house for his parents. What a guy.








Minnesota Vikings

2013 record 5-10-1.


I really don't know what to say about this team. Matt Cassel has been named the starter out of him and Ponder. Okay. That doesn't light up my night or anything. Their QB draft pick, Bridgewater, appears to be on the Aaron Rodgers path of sitting for a season behind the starter. Sorry Bridgewater, but you're not learning from Brett Favre here, you are learning from Cassel and Ponder. Sorry dude.

As always, really, the only thing to highlight is the amazing Adrian Peterson. I just can't even bring myself to really say anything else. We know he's good, and we all feel bad that he has been carrying this team for the last few years.

Receivers? Oh, yeah, my wonderful Greg Jennings went there in 2013. Really didn't impress that much. Yes, Greg Jenning's stats were low at the end of GB, but that's because he had to share receptions with Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb. All I'm saying is, he wasn't the superstar last season in Vikings territory that he thought he wold be. Maybe, just maybe, it was due to Aaron Rodgers that he looked so good for so long? Just saying.

Also, Greg Jennings is all I can really say about Minnesota's receiving team. It's abysmal.

There is the NFC North preview. Season starts next Thursday for the league, and in particular, the NFC North and NFC West.

I'm definitely ready for the season to begin.

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  1. Josh

    I want to take this seriously but there is no mention of Cordarelle Patterson anywhere. That is a name that will not be discreet, but it will haunt your dreams.

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