You use your hand to catch a ball? Weak. OBJ only needs three fingers.

If you missed last night’s game, you missed the catch heard round the web. Or…something.

The Internet BLEW UP when Odell Beckham, Jr. made this 43-yard touchdown catch to put the Giants at 14-3 over the Cowboys. "Greatest catch ever" was a very popular declaration, and it certainly was the best catch of this season so far. Beckham is just a rookie and he's already making a name for himself as a big-play receiver.

Beckham also had 146 receiving yards and another TD. Look out, Megatron.

Unfortunately for Beckham, the Cowboys weren’t going down without a fight. Romo led an 80-yard drive in almost exactly two minutes late in the fourth to take the score to 31-28 Dallas. The MVP Award goes to his offensive line, who gave him approximately 78 hours in the pocket to find Dez in the back corner of the end zone.

The Giants had 61 seconds and all of their timeouts. All they needed was a field goal to send the game into overtime. Instead, they couldn’t even get a first down. Romo got to kneel on the ball to claim his career 27th game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime, a stat which is mindblowing because Tony has quite the rep as a late-in-the-game choke artist. But I'm not too worried. It's almost December, which is Interception Romo's favorite time of year.

Highlights from other games I watched or regularly checked the score of on my phone (*cough*ThursdayNightFootball*cough*):

Titans @ Eagles: Philly pays Dallas a visit on Thanksgiving Day for the first of two matchups over a three-week period. (Sometimes I think the NFL is actively trying to kill me.) I’m hoping for a replay of this opening drive against the Titans.

Needless to say, the Eagles won that game by a pretty wide margin.

Packers @ Vikings: Division games are weird. The Packers destroyed the Vikings 42-10 the last time they played, but yesterday was a much closer game (24-21). That said, no matter what the score, no game where a play like this happens will ever be considered “close” in my book.

Way to play defense, Minnesota.

Chiefs @ Raiders: Bad news, all you fans of schadenfreude. “The Hunt for 0-16” has come to an end. The Raiders game should have been a big story, but no one gives a shit about Thursday night games, so by the time Sunday rolled around, everyone had forgotten it. Let me summarize for you!

  • The Raiders ran up a 14-0 lead early in the game, thanks to this play.

    Way to play defense, Kansas City.

  • The Chiefs tried to stage a comeback in the second half by scoring 17 points in just eight minutes.
  • Derek Carr ate up the second half of the fourth quarter on an 80-yard scoring drive that put the Raiders up 24-20.
  • Kansas City got the ball back with 1:52 but couldn’t make it happen.
  • We have to wait another year for the Raiders version of this beauty.

    Never forget.

Jaguars @ Colts: Indy schooled Jacksonville, reaffirming the Colts are the only AFC South team worth watching. (The Texans were asleep at the wheel against the Bengals, reaffirming the same thing.) Nothing about this game was noteworthy EXCEPT T.Y. Hilton had the best touchdown celebration of the year, in honor of his baby girl Eugenia who was born just hours before the game.

Hilton got emotional talking about her birth in his postgame interview.

If that doesn’t make your heart melt, you are MADE OF STONE.

Thoughts about games I ignored:

  • For a team that’s 8-3, the Broncos are holding on by a thread. They got crushed by the Pats, lost to the Rams, and barely held off Miami yesterday in a 39-36 win. Denver had to score 22 points in the fourth quarter to win this game. TWENTY-TWO. They pulled it off, because, you know, Peyton, but if I’m a Denver fan, I’m not feeling great about that win or playoffs. Especially playoffs.
  • Seattle managed to snap Arizona’s winning streak and give the Cardinals their first loss since Week 5. But, man, this was ugly. Arizona only put up three points all game and neither team scored in the fourth quarter. The Cards are still riding high at 9-2, but Drew Stanton going 14/26 for 149 yards is not an option if they want a playoff bye.
  • The Chargers won, which is fine, I guess, aside from Philip Rivers being arguably the least likeable NFL quarterback who hasn’t been accused of and/or pled guilty to sexual assault. (Fun fact: There are now two of those! Yay!!) Am I the only one who was hoping the Rams could stage a late-season comeback and somehow finish at, like, 8-8? If they do, can we sub them in for whatever disaster squad finishes atop the NFC South? It seems only fair.
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Last Modified: November 24, 2014

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