People really like dressing up like Andy Reid. The menu is a nice touch.

Buffalo needed a win over Kansas City yesterday to prove they had a shot at the playoffs, and…unfortunately, things did not go their way. At least they’re not the Bears right now?

We’ll get back to the Chiefs/Bills game shortly (and TRUST ME, we will get to the Bears). First, let’s talk about how the Browns and Bengals played Thursday night and the final score was 24-3. And the Browns won. We all know there’s something in the water in Cleveland, but I didn’t think it was the kind of something that causes your team to force FOUR turnovers in a single game.

Seriously? Get it together, Cincy.

Seriously? Get it together, Cincy.

Cleveland is now leading the AFC North, since the Steelers lost to the Jets (HAHAHAHA). Can you imagine what that city will be like if the Browns make it to the playoffs AND get to host the game? In the same year as LeBron’s Super Sweet 16 Homecoming? Is Cleveland prepared for that kind of joy?

Poor Bills. They started the game so strong…and then fell apart in the fourth quarter. (I have a feeling that will end up being an equally accurate summary of the 2014 Bills season as a whole.) At the end of the third quarter, the Bills had a 13-3 lead as the Chiefs drove down the field. Four plays later…

Please note that was a 4th and 1 play.

On the Chiefs’ next drive, the Bills forced a 3-and-out…and then fumbled the punt return and gave Kansas City the ball on their 26-yard line. Two plays later, Alex Smith ran the ball in himself for what would be the winning touchdown.

At least the Bills fared better than the Giants, who lost to the Seahawks after being tied at 17 for three quarters. Just when New York thought they were pulling ahead, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas brought some of that L.O.B. magic.

How does that make you feel, Eli?

And some Tommy C rage for good measure!

After that, Marshawn Lynch scored two more touchdowns – four total on the game – and Russell Wilson figured he’d make up for his two interceptions with a rushing touchdown. 38-17 Hawks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I should write a longer recap on the Niners/Saints game, both because of the teams' rivalry* and because the game went into overtime, but I prefer my friend Elicia’s recap of the game.

Saints v. Niners: Drew Brees can't close. The end.
Also, who punts in overtime.

Here’s what should have been the game-winning touchdown for the Saints in the final seconds of regulation.

Here’s why it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, offensive pass interference is a thing.

And finally we come to the Chicago Bears. Remember when the Bears used to be lauded for their defense? (You should because it was, like, last year.) Last night, they let Aaron Rodgers throw six touchdowns in the first half. IN THE FIRST HALF. The NFL record for passing touchdowns in a game is seven, and the only reason Rodgers didn’t get it is they benched him through the third. Half those touchdowns were passes of 40 yards or longer. The final score was 55-14. This was the Packers’ last touchdown.

I like how Casey Hayward appears to be casually jogging for the last 30 yards of this TD return.

I CANNOT figure out why the Bears suck so badly, but they really REALLY do. Their record is 3-6. They are 0-3 at home. They lost 51-23 to the Patriots, went on a bye week, and this monstrosity of a performance was their return from that bye. The Bears’ sole bright spot of the game was this play.

It came immediately following the Packers play above, so that’s pretty nice for them. Too bad Chris Williams couldn’t have saved that play for a game where it might have meant something.

*I have no idea if the Saints and Niners have a real rivalry. I just know Elicia hates them because…playoff-related stuff I can’t remember. Whatever.

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