This week certainly made most of our blood pressures raise quite a bit. Things ended up for those of us on top (hellllllllo, 5-1), but for Jackie and Allen, well, I'll let them tell you themselves. 

Allen: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are getting harder to watch by the week. I'm pretty sure we're calling in high school guys to play offensive line after all the injuries at this point. We knew going in that the defense wasn't going to be good, but at least there was the hope of outscoring teams in shootouts. Now, not even that. This might never have happened if Steven Jackson were still alive. As usual with the Falcons, though, they're not quite bad enough yet for me to give up all hope and root for a high draft pick. The NFC South sucks, and somebody has to win. Argh.

Jackie: Miami Dolphins

I have now decided to not speak to Madeline until Sunday. Rodgers Marinoed us in Marino Land and Courtland Finnegan let it happen. I plan to spew venom about the Dolphin's shortcomings until they do something to make me hate their existance less. Can we finally be done with the Joe Philbin experiment now? 

Oh and on that note: #FreeGurley #DawgsOnTop. Even though Missouri is bad, it still feels pretty darn good when your team with a terrible defense has a shut out. 

This made me LOL a lot more than I expected.

LSum: Dallas Cowboys

It's been 2 days and I still can't find the words, so I'll use pictures to explain my OMG EXCITEMENT about what happened on Sunday.


Truth: I really do own/love this sweater.

Truth: I really do own/love this sweater.

Madeline: Green Bay Packers

One of the greatest 3 minute last drives I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it was my team. Great game on both sides. I had to make a very strong Bloody Mary after the game to calm my nerves. I’d also like to give our old Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin a strong shoutout for some really great timeouts he called. I do believe he forgot what team he was coaching for a bit. 

This doesn't have much to do with what Madeline said, but OMG to be that person underneath him....

Makeda: Philadelphia Eagles

I was very, very, VERY upset by the Dallas win and the Eagles gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for. A shutout! With 8 sacks! EIGHT!! So much Manningface! And yay for healthy offensive lineman who can open up holes for Shady to run through!! If this is what happens when the Eagles wear black-on-black, they should be doing it every single week. Can't complain today, you guys. Cannot complain. :) :)

Editor's Note: Just read this story. I don't need to provide any commentary. 

Because I refuse to let Makeda bask too much, I decided to link to this news story. Because, EAGLES FANS Y'ALL.

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