Some of us were so fired up in anger, some of us were SO GIDDY and some of us were too relaxed to get this up on time for Tuesday. Here's how our favorite/most hated teams made us feel this weekend.

Allen: Atlanta Falcons

Dear Falcons,

I'm worried about the future of our relationship. I feel like I'm the only one really putting in an effort to make this work. I've been with you since Steve Bartkowski and William Andrews. I do all I can to be supportive, but I just don't feel like you care. Would it really be too much to ask to bring me a running back and an offensive line?

I don't want to break up, but maybe we need counseling. I definitely need you to stop hanging around with Steven Jackson. I know he's a nice guy, but he's hurting our relationship.Please work with me on this. Maybe our time apart while you're in London on business will help.

Still love you, even though you've hurt me again,


Jackie: Miami Dolphins

Dear Dolphins,

Can you please stop being bipolar? It is incredibly difficult for me to temper my expectations each week. Sundays are becoming an arduous experience for me and I am not sure I can handle this for another 10 weeks.

Love you sometimes,

Jacqueline, confused Miami fan

LSum: Dallas Cowboys

Dear America's Team,

Keep on doing what you're doing. I love you. ALWAYS.

Hearts & kisses,


P.S. Please beat the Washington Football Team on Monday, but don't hurt Colt in the process. Thanks xo.

Madeline: Green Bay Packers

Dear Green Bay Packers,

Hi Aaron Rodgers! Love you!

You told the fans to R-E-L-A-X. That’s all well and good, but just as long as you and your fellow players don’t relax. I know, I know … what a win against the Panthers! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet, mmkay?

P.S. Hi Green Bay Defense! I didn't forget about you!

I just wanted to remind you that the Lions are getting too cocky, and that’s gonna probably (hopefully?) bite them in the ass. They are scary though, because they somehow f’ing won against the Saints putting Sean Payton into a roid rage at the post conference. So be careful guys! Don't get sloppy or lazy in the fourth quarter!


Sean Payton at the post conference

P.P.S. Hi Jamari Lattimore! I've been crushing on you this year. Keep up the good work!

Makeda: Philadelphia Eagles

Dear Eagles,

Your bye week was great for my blood pressure. Hope you all enjoyed it as well. See you Sunday!!


Makeda, relaxed Philly fan

P.S. You can beat the Cardinals, right? ....RIGHT?!?!?!

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