The playoffs are here! Congratulations to Allen for coming out on top of our regular season picks with a record of 42-26-1. As promised, each of us has done a full playoff bracket, which we'll be updating each week with game commentary. Here we go!



Wild Card Picks
Cardinals @ Panthers: Yes, I know they have no QB, but the Panthers are awful. Bruce Arians vs. Ron Rivera is such an overwhelming mismatch that I think Arizona gets this done.

Ravens @ Steelers: Because I live in South Carolina, where people get irrationally excited because a QB from their state school actually made the NFL, I was stuck watching parts of the horror that was last week's Ravens/Browns game. The Ravens defense is solid, but not great. Their offense is dreadful. Pittsburgh, on good days, can beat anyone. This is going to be one of their good days.

Bengals @ Colts: I'm not a believer in either of these teams, so I'll take the better QB at home.

Lions @ Cowboys: As much as it pains me to say it, the Cowboys are going to win a playoff game. Detroit is erratic on offense and can't score with Dallas. Extra prediction: with Dallas up by 28 late, they pull the starters and Suh stomps on Brandon Weeden's face.



Wild Card Picks
Cardinals @ Panthers: I was Team Arizona all season, but I don't think their 3rd string QB situation is as solid as Ohio State. Plus, Cam Newton is starting to look like a grown up quarterback.

Ravens @ Steelers: No Le'Veon Bell, no love for the Steelers.

Bengals @ Colts: The Bengals are made out of faux cat fur. Give me all that Andrew Luck.

Lions @ Cowboys: I am on the Dallas bandwagon for Wild Card Weekend at least.



Wild Card Picks
Cardinals @ Panthers: Initially this looks like a homer pick and it's definitely not NOT a homer pick, but ultimately I simply cannot root for a team with a losing record to succeed in the playoffs and you can't make me!

Ravens @ Steelers: I think this game is going to be closer than I initially thought without Bell playing, but I hope the Steelers can win it? I'm happy when the people in my life are happy. Also, I'm sick of the Ravens (and any other team, TBH) sneaking through.

Bengals @ Colts: I think this is the ugly QB bowl. It's truly painful for my sex drive to see them both on a screen at the same time.

Lions @ Cowboys: You know how with your family, you always have to love them but sometimes you don't like them very much? That's how I feel about the Cowboys. Except this season I LIKE THEM. Not just because they're winning (although that certainly helps), but because this is the first time in my seven years as a Dallas fan that they look good. They're limiting their stupid mistakes, they're playing cohesively, simply put they are a SEXY team. My Tony Romo jersey and I are riding this team all the way to the Super Bowl.



Wild Card Picks
Cardinals @ Panthers: 3rd string quarterback, they don’t look so good.

Ravens @ Steelers: Because the Ravens.

Bengals @ Colts: The AFC North played the NFC South and the AFC South this year. Jeez. No wonder the AFC North sent three teams.

Lions @ Cowboys: The Cowboys have not exactly won against hard teams. I’m going Lions despite them falling apart against the Packers.



Wild Card Picks
Cardinals @ Panthers: I refuse to believe in the Panthers. This isn't like when I was slow to get on the Steelers bandwagon because I hadn't really watched them play. I've watched a bunch of Panthers games. They're just not good, and even if they win this game, I won't believe otherwise.

Ravens @ Steelers: I have been confused by the AFC North all season, and I admittedly underrated the Steelers for too long. But I didn't even realize the Ravens had a shot at the playoffs until Week 17. I don't trust a team that can make it to 10 wins without me noticing.

Bengals @ Colts: The Bengals are weird. They are so SO weird. But Andrew Luck isn't about to lose a home playoff game at home to a team who beat the Bucs by one.

Lions @ Cowboys: If I could fill out a bracket the way I personally would like to see the playoffs go, I would have the Cowboys being shut out in this game. It hurts my soul to pick them, but yeah, the Cowboys are good this year and I don't think Detroit will be the team to beat them. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GREEN BAY. DON'T LET ME DOWN.)

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