Go For Two: NFL Week 17 Games To Watch


I'd like to see some of this Sunday

Despite it being my team, really, the game of the week is the Lions at the Packers. It has huge implications, which I will get into below.

The NFL picked the Bengals at Steelers to be the game of the week and flexed it to the Sunday Night Football spot on NBC. This game, too, has similar implications -- winning the division title. However, unlike the Lions/Packers game, it is a lot harder for the Bengals to get a first round bye. The Lions/Packers game has much more significance because the winner will get a first round bye. Plus, in the entire NFL, home field means more for the Hawks and the Packers than it does for any other team. No one wants to go through Seattle or Green Bay. Green Bay won every single game at home this year.

Lions at Packers 4:25PM EST: Holy crap, this is for all the marbles. Lions versus Packers for the second seed and NFC North champs. This is huge for the Lions (I don't care, Go Pack!). The Lions have not won the division in 21 years. Does that even compute? Twenty-one years. The Lions haven't even won in Wisconsin since 1991. What? How is that even possible? Man, tough break, Lions.

An even tougher break is losing your center, Raiola, because your team is a bunch of idiots. Honestly, why even stomp on the guy's leg? What does that prove? How does that serve your team? You were playing the Bears, come on! However, to me, that wasn't even the worst. The helmet-to-helmet by Detroit Lions defensive end Ansah to Jimmy Clausen was too much. Ansah clearly is leading with his helmet, plus, his hands and arms aren't even in the equation. It was a kill shot.

One of the reasons I don't like the Lions is because they are dirty, dirty players. People don't want to root for your team because no one likes a bully. I thought Jim Caldwell had stopped this narrative from taking place. Apparently, not. I'd love to see what kind of facial reaction he had in regards to the suspension of Raiola. Does Caldwell even have an expression outside of no expression? I'm not even sure why he has a headset on during the games. He barely talks into the damn thing.

The complete opposite of the Lions, personality wise, are the Green Bay Packers. Everyone likes Aaron Rodgers. He's competitive, but not a jerk. Jordy Nelson? A farmer from Kansas. He shakes hands with his team after he gets a touchdown. Eddie Lacy? Buys his parents a house after hurricane Katrina. Ah, that's why the Packers are one of the most-liked teams in the NFL. Sorry, Cowboys, you are not America's team anymore. The difference between the Cowboys and other teams is this. If you are not a Chiefs fan, you don't hate the Chiefs. As for the Cowboys, if you aren't a fan, you hate them. To reiterate, I'm not a Raiders fan ... but I don't hate them. I HATE the Cowboys. Someone should do a stat on that. (Proof can be found in the latest out of Dallas. Dallas is pushing for Romo to be the MVP. Cowboys, THAT'S WHY WE HATE YOU!)

I'm just making the case for our win based on a popularity contest. Look, I don't care how we get the win, I just want the win.

Panthers at Falcons 4:25PM EST: Despite these two teams being sub par, there is nothing like win and you're in. I would put this game above others. I mean, (shrug), the Bengals are in. I don't really care if they move around in seeding. Seeding, to me, doesn't seem as important in the AFC. Yet, win or go home, now that has HUGE implications! As long as you can make it in, you always have a chance. Look at that happened for Green Bay in 2010? They made it in as a wild card and then went on to win the Super Bowl. That's why this game is so important! The most critical thing is just getting in. I certainly wouldn't rule out the Falcons being able to squeak a win out in the playoffs if they get in. The Cardinals with their 3rd string QB are now beatable. The Cowboys? I'm not sold on them. They are beatable.

I'm rooting for the Falcons. I like Julio Jones. I like Fitzgerald. I like Matt Ryan, but, apparently, who doesn't?







Good lucks Falcons.

Other important games are the Chargers at the Chiefs, and the Browns at the Ravens. For a more detailed account of what it will take for the Chargers or Ravens to get into the playoffs click this link. It makes my head hurt, so thanks NFL for doing it for me.

Go For two: Week 9 NFL Games To Watch

Week 9! I can't hardly wait! First though, a very small recap of week 8.

Week 8 had entirely too much football on Sunday. Waking up to a Lions game at the brink of dawn on the west coast was a bit daunting. However, it wasn't as daunting as watching the Falcons blow at 21-0 lead at the half. It was mind-numbing to watch a missed field goal by Prater, turn into a delay of game penalty (replay shows time did not, in fact, expire), and ultimately a game winning field goal. I needed the Lions to lose that game. The Lions were graciously complying with my request until the Falcons and the refs decided to actively participate in helping the Lions win. The Lions fan base thanks you.

Atlanta Falcons coach, Mike Smith, it was nice seeing you on the sidelines, but your days are numbered. You deserve to be fired. I'm not even a Falcons fan, but that shit was crazy.

Don't be worried though, you won't be alone. Sexy-Rexy will be your new best bud as you two watch next season from your seats at the bar, and not the sidelines.

Then there is everyone's favorite lost soul. Oh, Jay Cutler. The best thing to happen to the GBP.

Thank you for being you, Jay cutler. Thank you.

Now on to week 9.

What a week it will be. It seems the entire NFC North division (save for the Vikings, but we all know that they don't count) is on hiatus this week. I'm thankful for this as it gives me a bit of a reprieve. I needed a mental rest from the absurdity of some of these Lions wins as of late. Plus Green Bay's offense needs the rest if they are going to have to keep putting up massive amounts of points to counter what our defense keeps giving up.

Saints (3-4) at Panthers (3-4-1): I love that this division is still wide open because they all have shitty, shitty records. All the teams in the NFC South should be better than they are, well, except for the Buccaneers. The Bucs are really just that bad. The Panthers, Saints, and Falcons show glimpses of being good from time-to-time and it makes us want to believe they can be winners -- but they just aren't.

Saints beating up on the Packers? Don't get too excited Saints.



We had the second to worst run defense, and now, thanks to you guys, we have the worst. Our defense couldn't stop my 4-year-old niece if she ran the ball toward the end zone -- even when she stops to pick some of the grass. We had some monumental bad play calling. Davante Adams, while getting in the mix, had a bad turnover when he just flat out stopped running his route.

What I'm saying is, while the Saints looked good Sunday night, there is a reason they have a 3-4 record. The Saints have all four losses when they don't play in their dome. Well, welcome to Carolina.

Cardinals (6-1) at Cowboys (6-2):

Ha ha Cowboys! You lost to Washington!

laughing ryan

However, Cowboys will be going to the playoffs because have you seen their schedule! It's so ridiculously easy they would have to seriously fuck up to not go 6-2 for the rest of the season.

I wonder how the Cowboys will play against a legitimate team, like the Cardinals? It will be interesting to watch.

And watch I will. It's time I start checking out this Arizona team.

Broncos (6-1) at Patriots (6-2):

The hype of the Peyton vs Brady game will be overwhelming. Enough already. This game is legitimate on its own merits. Two great coaches in John Fox and Belichick. Two great quarterbacks, no matter what those morons said about Brady in the beginning of the season.

I'm honestly excited for this game.

Ravens (5-3) at Steelers (5-3):

When did the Steelers get a 5-3 record? I feel like the Steelers cheated on some test. There is no way this team has a 5-3 record. Division match. A game from a gone era. Still completely watchable.

On a side note, I think there needs to be a shout-out to my favorite defensive coordinator Dom Capers! Congratulations!

excited barney

You now are in charge of the worst run defense in the league! How does it feel to be the main reason the Packers are losing games! Hats off to you, sir, hats off to you.

Go For Two: Water Cooler Topics For Week 15

There are a lot of good games this week. It's coming down to the wire. I can't wait for some of these games. This is the time of the year I wish I had 4 televisions so I could watch all the games.


Image courtesy of

I'm pumped!

49ers (9-3-1) at Patriots (10-3) 8:20PM ET ** Game of the Week

Again, the Patriots are in the game of the week. Hmm. Interesting. The 49ers are still way up there on the best of the best in the NFC. However, with how they looked twice against the Rams, there is cause for concern. Then there are the Patriots. Man do they look good. They look fired up. They look ready for the playoffs to begin. It will be interesting to see how Brady and the Patriots do against the 49ers defense and vice versa. I'm excited for this game.


Go For Two: Water Cooler Topics For Week 6

Image from

Yay! I'm super annoying!

Patriots at Seahawks Sunday 4:05 PM ET

Both teams are 3-2. What I like about the Patriots is they just get it done. Tom Brady is as cool as a cucumber and fun to watch. As for the Seahawks, I just can't understand how they keep winning games. I dislike the team, I dislike Pete Carroll. The Seahawks just leave a bad taste in my mouth. I hate the way Pete Carroll is always prancing along the sidelines. Simmer down Pete, you're annoying.


Go For Two: Water Cooler Topics for This Sunday

This week is all about expectations. Making It or Breaking It. Flying or Nose Diving.

Here are the top 5 people/teams fans will be watching for.

What's the story morning glory?

#1: Peyton Manning.

Of course he is number one. Arguably the best quarterback to ever grace the gridiron, he has a monstrous task this week. Every eye will be on how he throws the ball. Can he throw across his body? How is his timing? What will happen if he gets hit? Is it the grace of the football Gods or a miraculous physical therapy program that fixed his neck nerves? Will he still have the nerve? And if Peyton looks good, what will the players look like around him?

This will be topic number one on Sunday.

Broncos vs Steelers Sunday at 8:20 PM EST


Life is Good. Why? The Season Hasn't Started Yet ...

Fantasy Land

Remember this moment, right here, right now. Life is good. You're reading up on preseason, making your fantasy picks and looking forward to the season. At this second, your team is perfect. You have the whole season in front of you and anything is possible. Super Bowl? Why not?

But, Madeline, why place so much importance on enjoying this state of tranquility?

Because it's not always going to be this way ...


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Eligible Receiver is a group of women that deeply treasure autumn and winter weekends who are now spreading their college and NFL football gospel.

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