The Big 10 should quit right now. This year is a Pac 12/SEC showdown with a side show from the Big 12. Michigan State's victory over Boise State was underwhelming. The 'new era' of Penn State football was a shit show with a loss to Ohio. Wisconsin barely beat Northern Iowa. Only Nebraska and Ohio State looked like legitimate teams, but they were playing Southern Mississippi and Miami (OH), respectively. Nothing to brag about. Most importantly, center stage on Saturday night Alabama made Michigan look like a Division II school. So seriously, the Big 10 should pack it up after Week 1. This is only going to get more embarrassing from here on out.

Of course there are counter arguments to all of these points. Georgia lost their season opener to Boise State last year and ended up winning the SEC East. Last year Boise State had a veteran team with Kellen Moore, one of the most prolific college QBs ever, leading the way. Also, Georgia was the fourth best team in the SEC during the 2011 campaign. Michigan State is supposed to be the leading this year's Big 10 charge.

Or is Michigan supposed to be the Big 10 team to watch? Well I haven't smiled that much during a college football game in ages. I got to watch one of the best teams in the Big 10 look like road kill versus defending national champions, Alabama.

We all knew Penn State was going to be a disaster. Despite College Gameday putting the Nittany Lions on upset alert early, I wasn't really expecting Ohio to beat them. That isn't a typo, Ohio not Ohio State University.

Speaking of The Ohio State University... this is one of the only question marks to me. Urban Meyer is a great coach. He has proven this at Bowling Green, Utah, and Florida. He will restore glory to this program, much to my chagrin, but it will not be this year.

Nebraska will be interesting to follow, but they will stumble similarly to Wisconsin.

So save yourself the embarrassment Big 10 fan, just keep your mouth shut this year. Want to hate the SEC? Then do it. Want to hate the Big 12? Then do it. Want to cheer on a Heisman candidate? Fine do it. However, put your national championship hopes in a box on the shelf and don't open it again until next season.


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  1. Besomyka (@Besomyka)

    The only thing that I'm curious about is how Nebraska does. They had an expected score against Southern Miss (+29, I think?). You may be right about the stumble, but we'll know a lot more once they have played Wisconsin and Ohio State.

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