writer_thumbnail_jacquelineJacqueline presently resides in Tampa, FL. Her football obsession began while playing University of Miami themed Monopoly with her grandfather at a young age. Many have tried, but still no one has taken away her love of ‘THE U’. Despite faking it for a while, her affinity for the Georgia Bulldogs grew leaps and bounds while attending graduate school at the University of Georgia. The SEC/ACC dichotomy is the only reason we allow her to represent both. Her NFL love is the Miami Dolphins, despite the gradual collapse of the franchise since Dan Marino’s retirement she remains a true fan. She is also the co-host of We Have Sports, an internet radio show live every Friday from 5-6 EST on rhinoonair.com. Find her on Twitter @jhargis9.



IMG_20121209_230134Lauren recently moved from Washington, DC to Phoenix, AZ partially because of her disgust at living in Redskins Washington football team territory. She grew up partially in Austin, TX and learned quickly about the importance of football and bleeding burnt orange. As a result of going to the University of Maryland and witnessing the joke that is Terps football, her allegiance to Texas football stood tall. After cheering on the legend that is Vince Young and crying at Colt McCoy’s injured shoulder in the 2010 Championship Game, Lauren shifted her main attention to the Cowboys. Lauren spends her days molding young minds as a teacher and giving extra credit to any known Cowboys fans in her class. She finally thinks she's established herself as a legitimate fantasy player as 8 different people sought her draft advice this season. Also, once upon a time she had a small doll named Cromo (creepy Romo), but he suffered an untimely demise in a whiskey bar after the implosion of the 2012 Cowboys season. If she knew how to work Twitter, you could find her there.



writer_thumbnail_madelineMadeline resides in San Francisco, CA and is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. She has been an obsessive 'Pack fan since the 1997 Super Bowl, when a boyfriend tried to get her into the sport by watching Brett Favre because "he throws the ball a lot and that's easy to understand." In 2008, she cried when her beloved Favre announced his retirement from Green Bay, only to be disgusted by his utter lack of integrity. While some women were choosing between "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob," Madeline picked "Team Rodgers" and has been thrilled by her decision ever since. You can find Madeline at www.madelinefresco.com, on iTunes, and on Twitter @madelinefresco.



IMG_0284Allen is the token male at Eligible Receiver (insert your own joke here). His sports memories begin with the glorious 1980 football season, in which Herschel Walker (the greatest college running back of all time) led UGA to a National Championship. Football's place in Allen's heart was cemented, and he soon adopted the Falcons as well, after a youthful indiscretion involving Roger Staubach. He is a recovering English teacher and soccer coach who's now a not very mild-mannered reporter in Columbia, South Carolina. By night, and often at his desk while pretending to be working, he monitors his fantasy team, blogs for Eligible Receiver, and peruses Ebay for sports shrine additions. He also loves the Braves, Arsenal, and is a confirmed book nerd (yes, that includes comics).You can find him on Twitter @allenwallace.



blog photo1LaNiece is an engineering wizard in training at the University of South Florida. Despite living in Tampa, she is third generation ACR (Alachua County Resident, for those who aren't down with the jargon). That’s right folks a born and bred Gainesville, FL gal. Her placenta was orange and blue and her blood color is similar, a known Spiderman-like ACR genetic mutation. In true southern fashion, she has a gator head tattoo and a dog named Tebow trained to bark at the commands “National Championship” and “Go Gators”. LaNiece loves tailgating and going to games, but most of all she loves beer. If she consumes enough, she will debate college football with you until the sun comes up. Follow her on Twitter @Laniece_O.



MK photo Makeda grew up in the DC suburbs – in VA, not MD, an important distinction – where for most of her life, she chose to (mostly) ignore football rather than have her heart ripped to shreds by the 20-year travesty known as the pre-RGIII Washington Redskins. However, she did manage to pick up an undying hatred for the Dallas Cowboys, a stance that is a constant point of tension between her and Lauren. When she moved to DC after college, she was surprised to find none of her female friends were interested in Sunday brunch because they were all at the bar watching the games. Having spent the past four years in Philly (yeah Penn!), she adopted the Eagles as her team. The irony of forsaking the Skins only to bind her heart to a team that has never won a Super Bowl is not lost on her. Makeda does not have any college football affiliations as her alma mater’s Fighting Quakers are not exactly nationally ranked. She looks forward to watching her fellow Receivers duke it out over their various SEC rivalries as the season unfolds. Maybe that will mitigate the soul-crushing defeats she is certain not even Chip Kelly can prevent. (Is an 8-8 season SO much to ask for??)

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